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Who is WGS?

WGS is an Enterprise Tech company. We offer a suite of cloud & mobility Enterprise software solutions in 3 categories (Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources) that allows rapid adjustment based on your company's needs. We call this Personalized Enterprise Software Solutions, as it will fit your company 100% without waste. Learn more about who we are.



Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Premium company profile website, beautiful & flexible for a big corporation.

  • High end custom website design

  • Easy content management, no programmer needed

  • Product gallery with advanced updating feature

  • Company contact with email routing & map

  • Career & CSR Page

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

Your customers don’t know what’s going on in your company. With this app, a company and its customers can connect with each other. Available on iOS and Android.

  • Video sharing

  • Events with schedule and integration with calendar

  • Announce news & do push notification to your core community

  • Build a community, with private social network forums

  • Live chat / support on Mobile



If a company does not provide an online store front, it’s missing out on millions of potential customers.

  • Can be integrated to ERP, Mobile Commerce, and other 3rd party apps.

  • Can be integrated with various payment systems and shipping methods.

  • Fully customized look & feel.

  • User group pricing, eg Distributor Price, VIP Member Price, etc.

  • Can be used for distributorship as well (bigger B2B customers).

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Users are going mobile. According to Nielsen 2014, 61% of Indonesians purchase stuff online via smartphone. With mobile ecommerce, a company will not miss out on the behaviour shift.

  • Admin set the product details on the server.

  • Users can view and search the products on their smartphone.

  • Users can purchase or create a wishlist.

  • Admin can view a customer order history.

  • Can be used for distributorship as well (bigger B2B customers).



How do you engage employees and customers in a fun way? Gamification can be applied to training, sales, eCommerce, and many more (the so-called 'Serious Games')

  • Full alternate reality game with storyline and mission.

  • Level, Achievement, Badge, Real-life Rewards

  • Leaderboard ranking

  • Social network functionalities

  • Buy / redeem products with coins


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Every company needs the core supply chain management / ERP. With 3-tier technology, our SCM can be customized according to a company’s business processes.

  • Inventory & Stock Opname.

  • Sales Order with promotion, credit limit, etc.

  • Purchase Order, Delivery Order and Returns

  • Account Receivables / Account Payables.

  • User privileges and settings.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Your usual accounting software cannot be integrated with other system / services. Our Financial Management software is fully customizable & can be integrated.
  • Account Receivables / Account Payables

  • Cash in/out

  • General Ledger

  • Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet

  • Financial consolidation from multiple sources.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

With multiple stores in various geographies, a company need consolidated retail cloud solution. Our PoS are synced with backend cloud inventory

  • Works offline, sync when online.

  • Manage counters / cashier shifts.

  • Sales with various promotion and discount schemes.

  • Membership

  • Manager approval, preorder, and returns.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Web and Android CRM application to facilitate customer data management & handling for sales force.

  • Managing sales with location service.

  • Managing Customer Data and Opportunity.

  • Processing Sales Order & Transaction.

  • Secure Application with phone IMEI protection & activity history.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data is the new “natural resources”. Have you harness it, or it is lying wasted? A BI software helps extract data from various sources, transform, and load data into meaningful reports, as a decision support system.

  • Sorting, edit and organize data from various sources.

  • Create interactive visualizations and charting.

  • Forecasting to estimate future value based on historical data.

  • Compare, Blending, Grouping, Combining and Filtering data from multiple data source into a single view

  • We are using Jaspersoft or Tableau.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Do you need real-time monitoring of physical objects and its surroundings? IoT enables machines to speak and stream data into a server.

  • Work with any sensors (temperature, humidity, light, movement, weight, even GPS and CCTV cameras).

  • Real-time monitoring with alarm capabilities.

  • Device control possible.

Repair Order Management

Repair Order (RO) Management

Company has to have a good handling in after sales services if it is to sell depreciating products.RO application manages and organizes well all things/part including payment, starting from receipt until the repair is done.

  • RO creation, management, validation, assignment, cancelation.

  • Replacement (program, confirmation, action)

  • RO Payment System

  • Aging time and history call log

  • Courier Data Master

  • PO, Inventory, Return, Transfer

Mobile Audit

Mobile Audit

Inspectors are inherently mobile. Now with mobile proliferation, you should enable them to audit assets easily. Use cases include inventory and rooms.

  • Define your own checklists, scores, and ratings.

  • Work offline, sync results when online.

  • Increase operation efficiency and productivity.

  • Annotate inspections with images and audio recordings.

  • Access report in the Cloud.

Human Resources

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Do you need automated payroll processing? With our cloud software, you can have one installation to service your sprawling organization.

  • Payroll automation with employee data points.

  • Absence tracking with fingerprint integration & Excel file import /export.

  • Payroll that conforms to Indonesian tax regulation (online update).

  • Taxation that conforms.

  • Multi-transfer bank payroll format.

Document Management system

Document Management System

Does your company need to distribute updated SOP, Rules/Regulations to employees regularly?

  • Document is in PDF or HTML format.

  • Distribute tasks to the chosen individuals, pushed via their Android mobile devices.

  • Admin knows status of read and unread, completed and incomplete.

  • If SK is expired, automatically deleted from Android. Admin also can delete SK stored in the Android.

Digital Library

Digital Library

Your workforce is your asset, and with continuous knowledge improvement, the asset can grow and benefit your business. Install a private digital library for your enterprise.

  • Upload your own PDF or ePub.

  • Allow employees to author their own materials.

  • Content can only be opened with special Android, iOS, and Desktop reader apps to prevent unauthorized distribution.

Build custom software

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We enable a shift from the usual 'Do you have this feature?' To a more agile mechanism 'Can you build this quickly?'

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Let's make an impact

We are proud to utilize 100% local, Indonesian manpower. We believe that Indonesians' skills are as good as an Indian, or even an American. WGS is here to prove that for you. We provide the best Indonesians to work on your projects, in an agile, measurable sprint manner. Learn more about our Outsourcing offering.

Good things Clients Say...

  • Thank you, the update went fine and we had zero issues on this package. Nice work.

    Victor Moreau - Senior Software Engineer PT. Sophie Paris Indonesia
  • Project completed on time with professional people. Quick response and support anytime from the WGS Team. Keep your good work!

    Monica Fecilia Lesmana - Corporate Communication PT United Tractors Tbk
  • So far your service has been good and the deliverable for both time and quality aligned well with our expectation.

    Agustinus Pambudi - System and Infrastructure Development Head of PT. SHOWA Indonesia Mfg
  • Man you guys are impressive.. very professional…

    Neil Cresswell - Managing Director & CTO of IndonesianCloud
  • We’re satisfied with the quality and timeliness of your deliverables. We’re considering to use your services again.

    Thachatat Kuvarakul - Renewable Energy Advisor of GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
  • WGS's work has been exemplary throughout the life of the project so far, and I look forward to working with you all on this and other projects in the near future!

    Tomas Apodaca - Application and Data Specialist of Asia Foundation
  • I've been impressed with the work you are doing:
    1. Speed and quality of code produced.
    2. Knowledge of rails and working to standard patterns.
    3. Use of initiative when spec hasn't covered an area properly.
    4. You ask questions when you're un...
    Read more

    George Palmer - Rails Speaker & Expert, Founder of SendOwl

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GIZ GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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