WGS is an Indonesian based company with an international client base and an international talent pool who is leveraging Indonesian IT talents as our daily service engine from the pool that has much lower living cost than the US counterparts.


Ikin Wirawan, the Founder and CEO, started our service in 2006 with only 4 developers,working night shift serving an American client.

The journey start with PHP programming services along with Ruby on Rails, and now we deal in nine different technologies and are proudly providing our services for 23 different countries in the world.


To preserve our service quality, we agreed and embrace company goals, vision, and values. Three important company values are discipline, passion to learn, excellence.


We encourage all our staffs to have fun with their tasks , rally as a team and ensure they are proud to be part of the company.,


Our Vision is To be South East Asia’s leading IT company , providing outstanding software so that we make every customer successful, and every user happier.,

Management Team


Eric Rusli


As CMO, Eric is responsible for sales and marketing in the overseas tech industry, as well as business development. He joined WGS as a web programmer initially out of the University of Parahyangan, where he majored in IT, and quickly transitioned into his current role to meet the company’s growth needs at the time.


William Notowidagdo


As CTO, William is responsible for the technical quality of the project deliverables. He establish best practices in terms of process and tools, and motivate the team to do better everyday. William joined WGS in 2008 with over ten years of experience as a programmer in the technology industry. He graduated from the University of Padjajaran with an IT degree.


Yogi Arjan


As COO, Yogi is responsible for overall project delivery. He joined WGS in 2008 as a programmer and project manager. Prior to WGS, Yogi worked at another IT and System Integration companies. Yogi is also a part-time lecturer at Telkom University and received a degree in IT from Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi.


Chalid Kurdi

Chief HR Officer (CHRO)

As CHRO, Chalid heads the HR division and is responsible for the recruitment, training and retention of talent, as well as company culture. When a project is confirmed, Chalid is responsible for determining employee availability and staffing accordingly. Chalid has a Master degree in HR Management from the University of Parahyangan.


Thomas Muliawan

Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer since 2012, Thomas is in charge of implementing the productization of WGS services to improve client acquisition and retention. Thomas graduated from the Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2009 with a degree in Physics and joined WGS as a web programmer with a good command of English and product design.


Aria Wardhana

Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, Aria is currently in charge of expanding the WGS’ sales force and creating a solid presence for the company in Indonesia. Before joining WGS in 2009, Aria worked as a salesperson and sales supervisor at a local desktop software solution provider. Aria graduated from the University of Parahyangan in 2000 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

We have been standing for 8 years and will continue to keep growing for the next 8 or more years!
We hope to see you as part of our journey.