PT. Walden Global Services (WGS) is a Cloud + Mobility solution company based in Bandung. We are now one of the largest Enterprise Software solution companies in Indonesia. We offer American-grade quality and cutting edge expertise in web and mobile technologies. Our mission is to strengthen client's IT capacity and capabilities, automate their business processes, and allow them to innovate through technology. Download our WGS presentation here


Our vision is to to become Indonesian businesses' trusted IT advisor in navigating and winning in this globalized world. Indonesia would've become an international tech hub, exporting software and IT services, and local talents are proud to work in Indonesia.


We abide by 6 values: Do the right things; Empathy; Challenge; Learning; Optimism; Perseverance; Balance & Enjoyment; Respect & Appreciation.


Culture is what enables us to grow: Discipline, Passion to learn, and Excellence.


Ikin Wirawan found his passion technology while still in high school, when he purchased his first computer and taught himself programming. He had his advanced studies at UC Berkeley, where he graduated in 2004 with honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ikin then joined a tech startup in Emeryville, CA as a software engineer. Following in the entrepreneurial steps of his family, he decided to move to Indonesia six months later to launch several online businesses, including an ecommerce platform and a local city search engine. In 2006, he set up an office and hired four developers to support a new programmer outsourcing venture using personal savings totaling US$10,000. Securing his old employer as his first client, WGS quickly grew its customer base through freelancer sites, word-of-mouth, and SEO, moving to bigger facilities every year to accommodate its growth and finally purchased a permanent location in 2012. Critical to attracting early clients was expertise in what was then a niche programming language, Ruby on Rails. Ikin was dubbed SWA Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 and also featured on February 2015 edition of Forbes Indonesia.

Business Structure

In order to achieve our goal to better serve our customers, WGS separates the distribution, the manufacturing, and/or the products. By 2015, we will have WGS Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Singapore, and USA as our distribution channels. Our software houses are focused on a certain set of expertise: KiranaTama, on Ruby on Rails outsourcing; Smooets, on PHP outsourcing; AppsChef, on Android and Java development; Azuranger, on Microsoft technologies such as .NET, Xamarin, Azure. With two of the hottest enterprise technologies, Big Data and IoT, we have Upliftlab and Geeknesia. On product companies, we develop SaaS startups: Avelca a platform as a service; Qorser, payroll SaaS;, accounting SaaS; gCloud, a PoS and supply chain SaaS. While horizontal SaaS for SMBs is scalable, we also realize that we need to have deep knowledge in certain verticals. In 2015, through Gratek , we work on hospitality industry.