WGS SaaS Agreement

This Agreement was last updated on October 13, 2014

Object of the Agreement

  1. The object of this Agreement is the registration for the use of the WGS SaaS. Buying and registration for the use of the WGS SaaS gives certain rights and obligations to the buyer and to PT. Walden Global Services
  2. The following conditions apply to registration for use of WGS SaaS; no subsidiary verbal Agreements shall be recognized.

Definitions of the Agreement

  1. Customer: The customer is the business entity buying the WGS SaaS.
  2. User(s): User and users are the employees of the customer (business entity) who have been signed up to use the WGS SaaS.

Acceptance of Terms

  1. In order for you to make use of WGS SaaS, it is required that you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. This Agreement states the terms and conditions under which WGS SaaS is provided. In addition to these terms and conditions, you shall be bound by any additional terms, guidelines or rules that may appear throughout the WGS SaaS website, which are incorporated herein by reference.
  3. Any modifications or enhancements to the WGS SaaS shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Your use of WGS SaaS constitutes your binding acceptance of these Terms, including any modifications that we may make.


  1. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about yourself or your company as requested on the WGS SaaS registration form and to maintain and promptly update the information (including, in particular, your e-mail address) you provide from time to time as necessary to keep the information true, accurate, current and complete.
  2. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you also represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and that if you have accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of any business (such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other organization) or other entity, you represent and warrant that you have legal authority to do so.
  3. If you provide information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, WGS may suspend or terminate your account, and refuse any and all current or future use of the WGS SaaS.

Customer’s Obligations

  1. After you register on the WGS SaaS website, you will receive login names and passwords for your use of WGS SaaS.
  2. You are responsible for keeping your login names and passwords confidential.
  3. You will be responsible for all uses of your password and account. You will immediately notify WGS of any unauthorized use of your password.
  4. Pay the charges with a nominated debit/credit card or bank payment to a nominated bank account.
  5. WGS cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Section.

Users’ Obligations

  1. Only use WGS SaaS for legitimate personal or business use;
  2. Not use WGS SaaS to commit or encourage a criminal offense;
  3. Not use WGS SaaS to send pro-actively, receive, upload, download, use or re-use any information or material which is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing, harmful to minors or in breach of confidence, copyright, privacy or any other rights;
  4. Not use WGS SaaS to do anything which is contrary to the acceptable use policies of any connected networks and Internet standards;
  5. WGS cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this Section.
  6. Not use WGS SaaS to insert or knowingly or recklessly transmit or distribute a virus;
  7. Not seek unauthorized entry into WGS SaaS;
  8. Not hack into any aspect of WGS SaaS;
  9. Not knowingly corrupt data;
  10. Not circumvent, or attempt to seek to circumvent, any of the security safeguards of WGS SaaS or any of its service partners;
  11. Not use any domain name or mailbox name within WGS SaaS so as to infringe upon the rights of any other person whether in statute or common law, in a corresponding trade mark or name;
  12. Not use WGS SaaS to send or provide any unsolicited advertising or other promotional material, commonly referred to as "spam" by email or by any other electronic means;
  13. Not use WGS SaaS to send email or any other type of electronic message with the intention or result of affecting the performance or functionality of any computer facilities;
  14. Not use WGS SaaS in a way that does not comply with the terms of any legislation or any license applicable to you or that is in any way unlawful;


  1. You will indemnify and hold harmless WGS and its service partners from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses, actions and claims of whatever nature or kind arising out of or in connection with your access to and use of the Service.

WGS Obligations

  1. Provide you with login details that are specific to your use of WGS SaaS;
  2. Provide you with access to the WGS SaaS via a website address and login details that are specific to your use of the service;
  3. Provide a service as defined in the WGS SaaS service offer, which is published separately on the WGS SaaS website;
  4. Invoice you for the Charges incurred through the use of WGS SaaS by your Users and collect or require payment for the charges within ten days of the invoice date;
  5. Regularly update the WGS SaaS, including, but not limited to, updating the application designs and features;
  6. Handle any personal information you might supply to us when you use WGS SaaS in accordance with the WGS Privacy Policy, which can be found on the WGS SaaS website

Changes to this Agreement

  1. WGS has the right to change this Agreement at any time. The customer shall be informed 30 days prior before the change gets into effect.
  2. The customer may object to the change within 30 days after being notified. If no objection is received at WGS before this deadline, the changes shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer and shall become part of the contract.
  3. This shall not affect the customer’s right to terminate the contract according to the standard procedure as a result of changes, with a notice period of 1 month to the end of a calendar month.


  1. The charges for the WGS SaaS can be found separately on the WGS website.

Customer Support

  1. Customer support will be provided to the customer by WGS in accordance to the service Agreement stated on the WGS SaaS website.
  2. Customers have full ownership of their data. It is housed on server storage arrays owned by Amazon Web Services, Singapore, however the data is legally owned by the customer and retains the full rights and privileges that come along with the ownership of the data. The customer can request, at any time, to transfer, remove, copy, or modify its data and our technical team will do whatever is necessary on our end to honor the request.
  3. WGS SaaS databases are only accessed for regular maintenance and security checks. Access to production databases is restricted to a limited number of support managers and access points.

Duration of the Contract and Termination

  1. The initial term is agreed upon during registration.
  2. This Agreement will run from the effective date stated in the registration process and will continue for the selected period unless terminated by either of us as set out in this Clause.
  3. We may also terminate this Agreement or suspend the performance of the service to you, at our sole discretion, immediately and without notice if:
    • i) you breach this Agreement; or
    • ii) bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings are brought against you; or
    • iii) you are no longer able lawfully to receive the Service; or
    • iv) we do not receive payment of the Charges due within 30 days of the due date.
  4. The customer may also terminate this Agreement upon material breach of WGS, if such material breach remains uncured for thirty (30) days following written notice to WGS. This cure period shall be extended by delay caused by events beyond the control of WGS including, but not limited to, natural disasters, governmental prohibitions or regulations, viruses that did not result from the acts or omissions of WGS, or technical faults of WGS’s service providers or vendors. After the initial term, customer may terminate this Agreement upon fourteen (14) days written notice to WGS.

Duration of the Contract and Termination

  1. Governing Law. This Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of West Java, Republic of Indonesia. Both parties agree to submit to personal jurisdiction in West Java and further agree that any cause of action or dispute arising under this Agreement will be litigated or arbitrated in the state of West Java, Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Severability and Waiver. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions will continue in full force without being impaired or invalidated in any way. The waiver by either party of a breach of any provision of this Agreement will not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach.
  3. Relationship of Parties. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship is created by this Agreement and neither party has the power to bind the other party.
  4. Attorneys Fees and Costs. In the event that any legal action becomes necessary to enforce or interpret the terms of this Agreement, parties agree to bear their respective legal costs, in addition to court costs, to such reasonable attorneys' fees, expert witness fees and legal expenses as may be fixed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Copyright © 2014 PT. Walden Global Services All Rights Reserved.

WGS is empowered by the likeminded and the highly spirited talents of Indonesia, and we always try to do our best to accommodate their desires as a mutual act. Growing from the fresh ideas, WGS always make every effort to expand broader and reach further. Therefore, we need YOU to join us in the South East Asia’s future axis of technology production hub.

  • Please note that to apply for the any of the positions in the vacancy, you need to be:
  • Energetic and able to work in minimal supervision
  • Gifted with the capacity to work on several projects simultaneously
  • An excellent communicator in both oral and written (in English will be a plus)
  • Ready and willing to be placed outside Bandung / Indonesia
  • Experienced and / or a bank of good ideas
If you have a strong will to learn, advanced adaptability and is in love with what you do best, send your resume, application letter and ONLY your best portfolios and relevant work experience, to career@wgs.co.id.
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Facilities & Benefits

By joining the WGS force, you will acquire access to:

  • Structure

    • Real challenges. Technical or non, you will face people of the biggest companies, both domestically and overseas clients
    • Strong community of experts for better learning curves.
    • Receive proper training in world-class software development method and technologies.
  • Facilities

    • Campus-like facilities.
    • Eligible to apply to work remotely.
    • Bonuses.
    • Free lodging, for employees from outside of Bandung.
  • Benefits

    • Better resumes from working in one of the biggest IT outsourcing company in Indonesia.
    • An open and clear career path.
    • Opportunities to work overseas.

Employee Testimonial

  • "WGS (adalah) rumah ke dua, tempat saya belajar hal2 baru, memperoleh banyak teman, dan di sini saya bisa berkomunikasi dengan orang2 di luar sana.."

    Kemila - Engineering Manager
  • "WGS is great IT Company, full with vision and mission, I'm happy to be a part of it!"

    Dekky - Trainer
  • "WGS is a programming palace that keeps many treasure, such as reliable programmer and talented designer. I am really proud to be part of WGS family."

    Rita J - Consulting Manager

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Jobs Available

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web programming language currently. As a Ruby on Rails developer, you will have a great chance to work with our international clients. You will be working under the direct supervision of our Project Manager and Head Division, and will be continuously trained by the company. S1 / D3 in IT or related field Work experience on web development company is preferable Proficient in OO web programming language, such as PHP / ASP / JSP / Ruby Experience in Ruby on Rails is preferable Experience with MVC, Ajax, and XML is preferable Expertise in XHTML and CSS is preferable Experience in using and configuring Linux servers is preferable
You will be involved in a dynamic team of web 2.0 application developer and give the best support to the development team, you’ll also be in charge of providing high quality PHP codes. Majored in IT or related fields Working experience in a web development company preferable Expert in OO web programming Working experience with MVC framework such as CakePHP preferable Working experience with CMS such as Joomla or Drupal preferable Working experience with Smarty and MagentoCommerce preferable Working experience with Ajax and XML preferable Working experience with XHTML and CSS preferable Working experience with Linux preferable
IT CONSULTANT will be responsible for understanding client's business needs & managing relationship, as well as Communicating IT solutions through proposal, presentation and in dialogues. IT Consultant also will collect information to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed systems, and create various documents required for new or existing projects, such as product specification document, project definition document, System Architecture document, UI specification document, and more. He/She will design test scenarios to ensure system quality, assess system requirements from clients and other stake holders, and develop project feasibility reports. IT Consultant should keep his/her knowledge up to date with technical sector developments in the industry, able to work with team members and related departments to ensure a smooth development & deployment. Provide creative ideas for the project and implement best practices throughout the development & deployment process. Diploma/Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technologies. Able to create Project and System Documentations. Good experience in RDBMS (database) concept, SQL Query and Store Procedure. Experienced with Project Life Cycle, UML, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Experienced with MVC frameworks such: Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, CI are preferred. Fast learner and ability to work on multiple projects. Able to work in both team and independently. Strong self motivation and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. English proficiency in both oral and written. Willing to be placed/travel outside the city or abroad.
We are seeking those who has passion and interest in develop mobile and web based application on Java technology. Majored in IT or related fields. Working experience in a web development company is preferable. Expert in OO programming. Working experience with various of Java technology. Experienced J2ME and also J2EE is a plus. Working experience with Blackberry is a plus. Working experience with Android is a plus. Experienced in a multimedia application development is a plus. Experienced in various type of application development is a plus. Fast learner and ability to work on multiple projects. Able to work in both team and independently. Strong self motivation and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Willing to be placed/travel outside the city or abroad.

An Account Manager will have responsibility to manage existing major accounts with new prospect projects, develop and create new prospect Accounts project, build new network and follow up new lead, mediate between sales goals and customer expectations, close deal and manage a project.

  • Male/Female min. 23 years old
  • Having minimum diploma degree.
  • Min 1 years of relevant experience in selling/marketing.
  • Familiar and interest with IT
  • Dynamic and Having good presentation, communication and interpersonal skill
  • Customer Satisfaction Oriented and able to communicate well on complex technical issues and its solution.
  • Self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Having business network connection is preferable
You will be responsible for developing and maintaining web based applications using the latest Microsoft Framework and technologies. Diploma/Bachelor degree of Computer Science/Information Technology or related major. Having knowledge and/or experience in ASP .NET & SQL Language (DBMS concept and implementation using MySql/MS SQL Database) Having experience with ASP.Net MVC is preferable Multiple .Net Framework experience 2.0 - 4.0 is preferable Sharepoint expertise preferred. Have Microsoft certification is a plus. Strong analytical thinking. Self motivated and committed to deadlines. Able to work as a team and under pressure.
We need a mid to senior level developer to lead this. He/she will help interview a new batch of developers to recruit, give them proper training before they jump into projects, and supervise their work regularly. Diploma/Bachelor degree of Computer Science/Information Technology or related major. Having knowledge and/or experience in NET frameworks and Sharepoint Have Microsoft certification is a plus. Strong analytical thinking. Self motivated and committed to deadlines. Able to work as a team and under pressure.

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