WGS Programming Service is an opportunity for you to optimize the automation of the company. Our programming services are the answer to your idea to build a technology infrastructure that is able to help you run your business better.

Choose one method to work with us:

"Got a brilliant idea to be realized? Let's discuss, and we will take care of the rest."

Fixed Bid Project


Our best engineers are ready to help you with anything, as part of your own team.

Extended Team


We are experts in these technologies:

  • Server-side

  • Client-side

  • CMS frameworks

  • Mobile apps

  • Database

  • Infrastructure

and more:

  • jQuery

  • Google

  • nginx

  • Cucumber

  • Git

  • Twitter

  • PHP

  • RSpec

  • Ubuntu

  • OAuth

  • Ruby

  • YSlow

  • RedHat

  • LDAP

  • Asterisk

  • New Relic

  • Facebook

  • Apache

  • SVN

  • AJAX

Why WGS Programming Services is good for you:

  • 1. With WGS, you're not enforced to recruit new employees, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

    • Train your resource according to your need.
    • Supervise your new workers to make sure the development runs on track.
    • Invest on office space, workstations and operational facilities.
    • Watch them get sick, taking a holiday off and pay them nonetheless.
    • Waste time searching for people with the suitable skillset and spend more to keep them motivated.
    • Worry about all of the above and just focus on your business expansion plan.
  • 2. WGS is RELIABLE

    • We are committed to your success and the end user's happiness.
    • We ensure your project continuity because WGS is build up of experienced and responsible engineers that are capable to minimize risks of the project.
    • We always have at least two people who understand your project so you have substitute in case the developer got sick or resigned; with equal learning curves and knowledge on the needed area of expertise.
    • WGS uses Project management Tools, repositories, daily reports and return any intellectual properties to it's righteous owner: YOU.
  • 3. Technical Quality

    • We only employ the best, retain the best facilities for people of specific talents to strengthen us with wide-range of skillsets.
    • In possession of 100+ years combined experience. Whenever there is a technical difficulty, we have community in house, ready to solve it.
    • There is quality assurance, testing your products rigorously.
    • WGS also reinforced by designers for your application ui and ux; also Project Consultants for specifications and mock ups.
  • 4. Flexibility

    • Choose your working time. Get us adjusted with your local time; just give us notice.
    • Pick hourly service, part time, or full time; anything to suit your need, just let us know.
    • Build from scratch, customize existing projects, upgrade your product, or simply maintain your app; we're prepared for anything.
    • Decide the developer's work location; on-site or remote?
    • Select the most suitable skillset you need, whether it is mobile or web apps.