Software Engineering

Software Engineering is not programming. We have rigorous processes (ISO 9001:2008 certified, CMMI2 compliant) and automation tool to develop a new software from scratch reliably.

The best way to start a software engineering project

1. aware of your goal

We are eager to hear your story, what's keeping you up at night, your ideas and vision, and how we can help. We will dig the requirements.

2. Expect a proposal from us

Once the scope of work is understood by both parties, we will estimate the effort and provide you with a solution proposal with a fixed budget and deadline. Or, if you prefer, we can do agile development with more flexibility in the scope of work.

3.Enter a formal contract

Once you conceptually agree, we sign a contract. Always know you are in good hands. We have been here for 8 years and still growing quickly, thus you can be rest assured we can support you long-term.

4. Implementation starts!

WGS will perform a pre-development analysis, consistent progress demo, professional change management practice, testing based on a thorough test plan document - including security and performance tests, and guide you through UAT. Ultimately, our proven processes mitigate risks of delay and remove risks of project failure.

To ensure successful product delivery, we divide the project into several phases

In development phase, the work will be divided into smaller chunks called  sprints . Each sprint is handled in an agile manner that allows us to mitigate risk of delay in delivery.   UAT : we expect your engagement and feedback

Team Relationship model

Business continuity guaranteed.  Project knowledge is owned by at least 2 people. Couple that with our scalable talent platform, your project will be safer with us.