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Sales and Stock Monitoring Web App Solution For Heavy Machines Retailers

Solution: Marketing
Company: Private in Indonesia

Our client a global leading brand company of heavy equipment requires a software system to monitor sale and availability of products. The company sells various heavy equipment to other companies throughout Indonesia. Our client are in need for tools to record every sales and monitoring of stock available in every sales area. WGS built a solution that allows the company to regularly update the data every day, which in turn enables our software to forecast sales in various sales area. The data will be updated by their sales team & monitored by admin. The data includes: - Stock on Hand - Stock on Moving - Incoming - Sales Some of the features covered in this software: - Track machine location - Monitor sales data by area / location, based on history and area mapping. - Physical movement monitoring - Sales Forecast - Report sales & stock

Technical specification: Programming Language: Ruby Version: Ruby 2.0.0p57 Operating system: Ubuntu server 14.04 Web Server : Apache 2.4.7 + Passenger 5.0.15 Redis Server Version 3.0.3 Database server: Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition 64bit

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: One of the largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in Indonesia, requires a software system to monitor the sale and availability of products throughout their sales areas.
  • Business Solution: WGS developed a software to help the company check machine sales and sale stock in field, and monitoring the machine movements.
  • Benefits: Companies using this application will found it easy in tracking equipments in various locations which was maintained by the staffs in field, also forecasting the sales in various sales area.
  • Lesson Learned: The Sales and Stock Monitoring System could monitor the every sales and machine movements in any locations, maintain the data daily and sales forecasting becomes easier based on the reports.

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