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Application to Monitor Graph Advertising

Solution: Operations
Company: Private in Indonesia

Everyone who works in the marketing agency knows how time-consuming monitoring an advertising campaign is. There are multiple media such as TV, radio, and print media. What if there are multiple brands or if you want to analyze your competitor's brands? Traditionally, the more brand you manage means more staffing. It’s stressful & hard to maintain quality if there were no good system. The main essence in monitoring advertisement is doing the analysis.

It is important for strategic decision-making. Ironically, one of our marketing agency clients spent more time on data processing. They were pushed to update each client once a week while they took days to mine the required data. An automation tool is built to help with millions of data processing to replace the spreadsheet that the client previously used and expected to reduce 80% of data processing time. This technique can help them focus more on analysis and deliver higher quality works than before.

WGS developed an agile internal web-based application on top of Ruby on Rails. It runs on top of a Linux Ubuntu OS, Apache web server, and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery. The application shows statistical data to analyze business processes in the advertising sector, such as radio, magazine, newspaper, and especially television.

Graph of several programs from various channels can be analyzed by users to get further information and develop analysis. Data processing are accelerated to be faster & efficient, millions of data can be processed into one graph. The automated metrics include share of voices and expenditure calculations. The application help users compare the SOV and SOE of the managed brand with the competitor's in one graph.

Others important features are:

• Spending analysis.

• Viewer categorical filter.

• Near real-time media market share information.

• Monthly and yearly Post-buy data.

• Budget versus spending comparison.

• Ability to track various media advertising: TV, radio, print, billboard, in-store, and event.

• OCR integration to confirm spending & broadcast log proof.

• Ability to access the graph directly through their browser any time.

  • Business Issue: The client wanted to reduce between 50% – 70% from recent business operational processes and eased their investors to monitor their business process progress statistical.
  • Business Solution: An automation tool is built to help with millions of data processing while showing the result in an easy to understand graphic.
  • Benefits: With data processing automated the client can focus more on analysis to deliver higher quality works than before.
  • Lesson Learned: The most challenging part of the project is the huge data set processing. WGS have successfully processed 5 millions of data records in less than a minute. WGS is glad to help the client cut down processing time and even gladder to get such precious experience. Our team learned much about advertising dynamics, the metric measurements, and the analytical decision process.

Whether you need assistance for the whole software implementation process or just one particular service, we are ready to contribute.

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