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Unilever Unite: Social Media App To Unite Company Employees

Solution: Human Resources
Industry: Consumer Goods & Apparel Mfg.
Company: Unilever

Social media is a perfect tool to connect with people. For a large company like Unilever, connecting one employee to another is never an easy task. Not only publishing news in the bulletin board, but the company also needs the feedbacks and employees engagement. Therefore, we created an internal social media platform that can be used to connect everyone in the company.

From daily activities to company events, everyone can share their moments in the timeline. Unite is the social media platform created by WGS for Unilever, a multi-national corporation in Indonesia. With a massive number of employees throughout Indonesia, the company needs to have a medium that can bring them together as a family. Using Unite as their social media is very handy to broadcast the company events, news, work updates, as well as personal activities such as birthdays, videos, or simple status updates.

This mobile app is available for Android user as well as iOS user. In the app dashboard, there are two tabs in the display: Corporates and Social. The Corporates tab works as a news portal, where the company can share news, events, and announcements. For a very important news from the company, the news will pop up, user can’t share thought, picture, and video in this tab.

While the Social tab works as social media, in which every user can post their thoughts, pictures and 15-second videos. Just like every other social media, user can like, give comments, and tag other user in the status. They can also search the news they want to read.

Features in this app:
- News Events
- calendar,
- map navigation
- Photos
- Videos
- Groups for different news distribution
- Birthday

The app developed by utilizing the technology below:  - Laravel version 4.2 - HTML5/CSS3 - Javascript - Jquery. - Android - iOS

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: A large company has thousands of employees in office branches throughout the country. To connect them in a synchronized platform, the company needs a medium that can broadcast the corporate news to all staffs, while also getting the feedback. A news portal would be good, but the company needs more complex features that can connect all employees and also socializing one another.
  • Business Solution: Instead of news portal, we created a social media platform for internal use, which only can be accessed by the company's employees. This application can be installed both in iOS and Android.
  • Benefits: The app works as bulletin board for the company, and also as a social platform for the employees, which connect every working lines.
  • Lesson Learned: This application is expected to facilitate all the basic needs of the company's internal communication. Social media works not only for public, but can also can connect a whole company in a convenience way.

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