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Kreditplus: Social Media e-Commerce Application

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Wholesale, Retail, Distributor
Company: Kreditplus

In business world today, social media makes people one click away from getting in touch with various brands with enhanced customer experience. They can get massive information ranging from lifestyle, business growth, social development and technological advances. PT. Finansia Multi Finance (Kreditplus) is aware with this and asked WGS to develop a web-based integrated social media e-commerce experience application to fulfil user needs.

The application provides many interesting things that are going in people’s lives such as news, information and photos about many topics related to lifestyle, hobby, business growth, social development, and technological advances. People can share things they love through this application and use the application as a buyer or seller.

WGS will develop on top of Laravel version 4.2 and PHP 5.5.x as requested by Client. The application will run on top of Ubuntu, Apache (nginx) webserver, and MySQL database. On the front-end we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and Jquery. In order to support the mobile use, WGS will develop the application on using Android SDK / iOS SDK as requested by Client. The deliverable for Android is the APK / for iOS is the IPA.

The interesting features in this application are:

  1. Ahloo update
    Here, users can find many update news and information about what is happening in life today. If you like the news, you can put your like and comment on that news.
  2. Become a partner
    If you have a business, you can become a partner by registering you business and introduce it to public with this application. Surely you can post all your business information, stay connected and manage your account from anywhere anytime.
  3. Timeline
    Users can see the display of their timeline and also their friends’ timeline on their mobile phone including the photo, video and text after they sign in.
  4. Chat
    Users can find their friends to chat by clicking the Chat feature in Friend List page.
  5. Shop
    Users can chat not only with friends but also with many shops by clicking the Chat feature in Shop List page.

Moreover, when you sign in as a seller you can view the statistic, rating accumulation, comment and love accumulation and also get rated from all details whether you are a high rated seller or not.

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: Social media is everywhere these days, that’s why a company needs to boost the visibility of their products by developing an application for a larger user base.
  • Business Solution: Integration is the key, and users today become more talkative than ever. So, the client developed an integrated social media e-commerce application to gather more customers data and information in real time.
  • Benefits: The application becomes a home base communication related to their everyday business and social life. Thus, it promotes the adoption of the application.
  • Lesson Learned: An integrated social media e-commerce is a good way to turn online friends into customers since users are easily making friends and promote their products in one platform. Fun for the user, and fun for the seller too.

Whether you need assistance for the whole software implementation process or just one particular service, we are ready to contribute.

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