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Trendspotting Market Research powered with IBM Watson

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Adapting with the rapid movement of businesses today, companies could benefit from a detailed insight to understand customer’s pain points and preferences by getting the latest update of the current market trends, buying pattern of customers, economic shifts and also demographics

Evaluate the Scope

As a leader in global food ingredients, Kerry group would like to bring technology to conduct market research and uncover the future trends of food and beverage using methods that can be applied to worldwide market. The target is to get consumer trend reports from the internet for their internal culinary experts to build a proprietary view into the flavours and ingredients shaping the taste industry across the sweet, beverage, savoury and salty snack categories.

IBM – Solution Architecture

Solution Made by WGS

WGS with IBM develop a web-based Trendspotting System powered with IBM Watson.
The application will go through 3 steps.

Step 1 :

Collect publicly available customer preferences from various sources and then using Watson NLP, the A.I will categories those that are within context (separating “apple” that are food with devices)

Step 2 :

The system will then create some scoring and rank the data that are within contexts (in Kerry’s case : F)

Step 3 :

Using the front end interface, the app will enable Kerry Group to create predictions on the next food trends in worldwide market.

Basically the solution is an evaluation tool that provide insights of the market trends and how the market react on the product (do they love it or hate it) Which will be a great use for the company to make some business decisions that would keep you ahead of your business rivals.

Features – provided in the app

Food Trend Info

The application can display unique food trend findings among many similar ones, you can figure out which products has a high demand in the market

Trend lines Discovery news

The system shows a list of latest news the news link that contains the food trend.

The Food Pairing Mentions

The application show a chart of the best food pairings for the researched food based on the most findings on the internet.

Consumer Opinions Top Posts

This feature provides insight on customer review on a food as a feedback on their experience. This feature is important because you can see how good or bad the reviews are, since customer reviews have a way of spreading quickly.

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