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What is this IoT manufacturing solution?

Smart manufacturing machine system that utilizes microcontroller chips for remote monitoring.

IoT manufacturing solution

By installing IoT devices, factory machine performance & goods produced can be detected & counted. This data is sent over LAN or the internet for further processing at the application server.

Factory setting

The features are configurable as follows:

Data of locations where manufacturing machineries are placed.

Manufacturing machine data grouped by buildings, each building can have multiple machines.

Master data of microcontrollers, generally 1 IoT device is used to monitor 8 machines.

Monitoring the Machines

IoT goes beyond Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, these devices collect useful data and autonomously flow the data to the application server for remote monitoring.

Report Measurement

  • Counter

    Each machine’s movement counter
  • Performance

    Percentage of comparison between ratio achieved with target counter.
  • Availability

    Percentage of the machine’s work time reduced with downtime


Real time monitoring are available with on premise application, meanwhile remote monitoring (optional for owner) need to synchronize the data through internet.

IoT monitoring screenshot IoT manufacturing screenshot
IoT manufacturing shift

Shift & Target Counter

Set the schedule time shift and the target counter, reports will be summarized per shift

IoT manufacturing threshold

Treshold Setting

Set the number of movement per 60s to check if the machine is functioning or not.

Detect Movement Type

  • Rotational Motion

  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Motion

  • Linear Motor

Fraud Detection Setting

We’ve prepared a feature to prevent & spot data fraud. Comparing the following machine data:

  • Standard received data

  • Fastest movement speed

with unusual data, the suspected counterfeit data will be marked for further processing.

Downtime Tagging

Downtime are tagged for historical log book-keeping noted with the reason and color-coded for easy report navigation.

Objective aim

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Consumable Usage Tracking

  • etc.

Activity Report

With the application you can manage all machine data that’s collected over time by the IoT Device. By adding filter to the report you can easily find & check required data.

Report List:

  • Summary Report of Production per Day

    per machine, per shift, filter by date
  • Summary Report of Production per Factory

    per factory, overall, filter by date
  • Downtime Report

    per machine, filter by date

The Benefits of this IoT solution

A factory typically uses various machineries in the production line, which can be a collection of standalone units or part of a continuous line. Human labors are required to operate or supervise the machine.

Compared to manual operator records,
here are the advantages of this solution for your factory:

To Whom


Operation Team

  • Data is automatically recorded to the database
  • Stealing is reduced substantially

Continuous Improvement Team

Can calculate and compare machine efficiency for analysis.

Engineering Maintenance Team

Keep track of each machine’s maintenance logs.

Production Planning Inventory & Control

Fast calculation of production material usage & depreciation. (useful to prevent future depreciation)

Human Resource

Measure operational team performance objectively


Can integrate to existing ERP or HRM

Next update

Analog reading & mobile app.

  • Add more function to the device to read temperature, pressure, weight, and so on.

  • Monitor & get your report anywhere with private Android mobile app

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