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Introduction to mobile audit

What We Do, Define area inspection, Job list for employee per area, Ensure job result. Disadvantages, Inefficiency, Mismanagement, Hard to manage, Reinput to Excel, Quantity become the main problem. as a result Quality suffers. Mobile Audit is a smartphone / Web-based solution that work as a paperless solution to create checklists and audit lists on a web portal for supervisors to perform inspections and audits. Even work orders can be automatically generated.


Managers facilitated in compiling and assessing the supervising works with mobile applications and getting reports from back-end.


Admin can be function as supervisor and/or back-end administrator.

Operational Staff

The staff who works in the field. The work results will be assessed by supervisors.

Mobile Audit is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications and industries.
wgs mobile audit dashboard wgs mobile audit checklist

Point Bank System for Employee’s Reward

This applications also helps works assessment objectivity because this application did not know the name of the operational staff whose responsible but assessing from the results of the staff's work alone.

The results of this assessment will be generated as report cards for staff who was assessed which will assist HR in giving and planning bonus and incentive programs.

Customized Inspection Checklist & Rating

Create Custom Checklist (Backend)

Checklist parameter & the rating are freely customized from the backend. To simplify checklist generation, Admin could create a template and upload the checklist from CSV file.

Mobile Audit (Smartphone)

Download checklist needed to be handled and could instantly perform a complete inspection by:
  • Comment
  • Rate
  • Photo
  • Voice Recording
Inspection results (transaction) could be directly inserted to the backend as soon as data is synced from the smartphone.

Generate Work Order Outside The Checklist

If the inspector found things outside the checklist while conducting inspection, the inspector could generate work order directly from the device. Work order could be assigned to
  • Project
  • Checklist
  • Photo
  • Operational staff
Work Order could be added as inspector checklist if needed.
wgs mobile audit inspection wgs mobile audit report

Assigning Inspection Project

Inspection begins with determining waht is inspected and who is the worker. To simplify inspection searching and reporting, project could be group into units and types

  • Inspection project: operating room
  • project type: room
  • project unit: 1st floor
  • worker: Kevin
wgs mobile audit report


Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit
Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit
Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit
Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit
Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit
Project Report
  • Project Inspected
  • Project Not Inspected
  • Inspection by Project Unit

The use of Mobile Audit in Industry

mobile audit software on medical


Mobile Audit allows health care facilities to identify and resolve environmental safety issues in hospital rooms. Easier inspections & audits in following categories: infection control, environmental cleanliness, health and safety.

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mobile audit software on hostpitality


Mobile Audit can help hotels manage their complete inspection processes of key departments such as Housekeeping, Front Desk, and Guest Services. By using mobile devices and our intuitive web interface, hotels are able to pro-actively identify problem areas that affect customer satisfaction and thus directly affect revenue.

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mobile audit software on construction


Mobile Audit can help construction companies and builders to streamline their inspection processes, centralize the storage of all inspection results, access data anytime and anywhere and create work orders on-site and in real-time when carrying out inspections.

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mobile audit software on manufacturing


Mobile Audit can be used for manufacturing process inspections, quality inspections, visual inspections and much more for a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, industrial manufacturing, public sector and transportation to name a few.

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A factory typically uses various machinery in the production line, can be a collection of standalone units or part of a continuous line. Human labors are required to operate or supervise the machine.

Compared to manual operator records,
here’s the advantages of IoT for the company:

benefit for


Owner & Upper Level Management

  • Easy overview monitoring of operations
  • A well handled quality management means higher customer satisfaction.
  • Especially in the industry of medical, hospitality, construction, and manufacture higher quality service can increase income.
  • Decision support system
  • Objective workforce decision with point bank system
  • Receive scheduled report in your email inbox

Operational Staff & Supervisor

  • Automatic report generation and scheduling
  • Easy & helpful tool for inspection (annonate transactions via pictures, comments, & voice recordings)
  • Create work orders on the fly
  • Point bank system for employee’s reward bonus & incentive programs

The Business

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Reducing operating cost
  • Increase accountability & management
  • Perform inspection & audit anytime

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work order category

Find & handle work easily with improved category for work order.

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