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Mobile Commerce Business Around The Globe

in 2014 Mobile Commerce revenue is worth US$ 230 billion, and forecasted to reach US$ 700 billion by 2017. Asia is representing almost half of the market [1] with North America following second.

Why does Mobile Commerce business progress? Most of the time, smartphones are used at home, for what staticians & marketers name “ me-time”. This includes the time to do shopping. Nearly half of users are using the apps. to save money, some of them are using it to manage their buying list.

[1] Referenced from Wikipedia article: Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Usage & Overview

Mobile Commerce used for sales to distributor or to end user.

User role

There are 3 main type for User Roles

  • Superadmin

    could register sales officer (User)

  • User

    User is sales officer. User processes transaction data such as update status transaction to processing, completed or cancelled

  • Customer

    Customer is consumer who could buy products from the application

Product catalogue

Products could be inputted easily, could be inputted manually or could be uploaded from Excel or Zip.

Customers could search product easily with filtered search

  • Category

    filtered by category products provided within the system

  • New Product

    filtered by latest product inputted to the system

  • Hot Selling Item

    filtered by best seller products

  • Hot Deals

    filtered by promotional products


There are 2 types of promotion that is new products and promotional products. In mobile application customers will be notified for promotional product and best seller products

  • New Products

  • Promotional Products

Integrated with Spree Commerce

could updated data in mobile application if there are any new data inserted in the system

Note: This is an additional service, please make a request to implement this service

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Ordering product & Confirmation

Product Order (mobile)

Order product from mobile phone

Confirmation (Backend)

Sales officer get notified by e-mail and opened back-end site to follow up and processing orders

Order status (Backend)

Update status order from back-end while processing orders

Transaction History

Implemented with transactional history data to track the transaction status and transaction data with details

Status Type

There are 4 types of transaction status

  • Processing

    this transaction status is used for transaction that being processed

  • Pending

    this transaction status is used for transaction that have not been processed

  • Complete

    this transaction status is used for completed transaction

  • Cancel

    this transaction status is used for transaction that have been cancelled

  • total order and amount handled by Sales
  • the number of customers order
  • the number of items purchased per category
  • the number of order status type

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