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Managing Sales with Location Service

  • Sales Attendance - confirm check in and check out inside the office with automatic check out feature if user forgot to check out

  • Meeting Check In - confirm check in outside the office so sales attendance could be tracked

  • Canvassing - track sales route when this feature is activated with the time recorded and saved the track data to back-end

Back-end Support

Could be synchronized with back-end data

  • Could be connected with customized back-end

  • Could be connected with existing CRM system


Managing Customer & Leads

User could manage their customer account which is restricted according to the login credentials. Customer data is stored in SCM and user could add new customer data to SCM.

Customer & Leads Data
  • Insert new contact information

  • Edit contact information

  • Delete contact information

  • Link account to opportunity


Opportunity is a contact you have already contacted, called or met and know their needs or requirements or entered company buying cycle and is committed to work with your company. With managing and synchronizing Opportunity there would not be any lost Opportunity.

Opportunity Data
  • See Opportunity account detail information

  • See Opportunity invoices

  • Synchronize activities and call logs

Application Security Measures

To protect this application especially the data in this application

  • Lock the application access with IMEI or device ID and only specified user could use this application. Granted access could be revoked anytime from the back-end

  • Every transaction is recorded and could be determined who is doing the transaction

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