Mobile Engagement

Engage your consumers, build a community through activities.

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Company profile & contact info

Offer your customer a new way & experience to interact with your business. Customers can keep up & stay connected with your brand using their mobile device.

fully customized design
  • Promote your company’s identity with personalized design.

  • Website & Mobile App. Integration (additional)

    Keep it easy, update both your website and mobile app simultaneously. Integrate the feeds from your website to your mobile app and vice versa.

  • Note: A new website is optional.


YouTube Video Streaming

Stream your Youtube videos into the users' mobile app, keep your customers updated while also gain more view counts for your video.

News Update

Keep customers updated with your company’s latest news. The app provides an easy information access for your customers.

Event Announcement with Reminder

  • Build more awareness for all of your events, gather more audience from your core consumers. Announce the event details in the app.

  • Users can also use the app to directly add the event to the phone’s calendar and thus get the reminder.

Live Chat

Support and engage customers quickly via online chat. Our online chat comes with availability status & call history report.

Social Networking

Get social, build communities where app users can join and contact other app users. Users can join unlimited number of communities run by moderators.

In other words this is your private social networking site where users can post text, pictures, and create exclusive community event.

GPS Direction with Location Service

GPS feature makes it easier for customers to find your stores and key locations. Even better, integrated with Google Maps API find directions & waypoint from current location to the nearby store.

  • Google Analytics
  • User data* by Facebook data (eg contact info, shared content)
  • /Twitter data (eg shared content)
  • /Email address
  • *only if the app is allowed access

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