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What is Repair Order Management

Repair Order Management is a web based application that aims to track or monitor mobile phone repair operations to be more transparent to the client and more effective for technician in inventory management and communication between internal division.

  • Main Service Center
  • Call Center
  • Warehouse


  • Main Service Center
  • Call Center
  • Warehouse

Repair Order Management has repair work flow system that covers all repair process
at Collection Point, Service Point, Service Center, Main Service Center, Warehouse and Call Center for multiple brands.

Freely customized user role

The feature in the page access permission for:

customer service

Person in charge to create repair order form customers


Person in charge to execute repair order


Person in charge in inventory management


Customers who could track repair order status

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Repair order management

The main system of this application is Repair Order Management system which included with payment and workflow of the repair order


  • Integrated with the system could get the parts cost and service cost

  • Print invoice

  • Handle Down Payment and Refund

Create Repair Order

Customer service create repair order for repairing units or parts


If unit within warranty period and all terms and conditions are met, then unit could be replaced with a new one

Repair Confirmation

After work order reviewed by technician, customer service give estimated cost repairs and ask for repair confirmation to customer whether to repair the units or not.
If customer cancel the repair order, repair order mark as finished and customer will be charge with administration cost

Check Inventory

If customer confirm the repair order, customer service or technician will check inventory for parts or units needed to execute the repair order

Repair Order Transfer

If technician decided that repair order could not be done in the service center or service point, then repair order will be transfer to main service center

Knowledge Base Management System

A system containing the materials needed by the user based on the user role

Access KBS with knowledge relevant to user role

User who access KBS is given a role so that the content of KBS is relevant to the user position e.g. technician could only access KBS about repairing a unit, customer service could only access KBS about handling customers

Freely Customized KBS Content including:

  • Picture

  • Video

  • HTML content, etc

Inventory Management

To manage parts and faulty units and monitoring inventory stock or status

Purchase order management :

  • Purchase order issued

  • Purchase order received

  • Purchase order pending

  • Purchase order closing

Faulty units management (RMA)

Return Matrial Authorization (RMA) is used to manage faulty parts or units (result of repairing parts or unit) and defective parts or units which should be return to principal

Parts inventory management :

  • Parts request

  • Parts release / transfer

  • Parts Receive

  • Parts Return

Monitor inventory stock or status

To monitor inventory stocks and inventory status of parts or units


  • Daily transaction

  • Analysis of transaction

  • Financial Report

  • Accounting Report

Multi-chat System

A facility for communication among users (e.g.: between Customer Service Officer and Technician, etc.) that could be saved if needed

Repair Order Info For Customers

A web page for customers so they could track their repair order status without calling the customer service or call center

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