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The software allows you to manage multiple warehouse locations centrally. Or, you can also give access to your admin staffs to manage a particular warehouse. Define master data, and allow access.

User & Role
User management (unlimited users). Roles determine which features / functionalities are open for the particular user. For example, access management for users to view and edit warehouse/ branches data.

Role is fully configurable by a superadmin, eg: Supervisor, Point of Sale (POS) cashier, Accounting, etc.

Branch & Warehouse
You can define multiple branches, and warehouses / storage locations within that particular branch. There could be sublocation like shelves.

Master Data
Suppliers (Pengusaha Kena Pajak (PKP) or not, service center data, default payment terms), Customers (credit limit, multiple shipping addresses, Pemungut or not), Products (inventory, asset, or supplies), Product Categories, Units (pieces, kilogram, etc), and Currencies.

Access management for users to view and edit granularly.

Inventory Management

Total products and materials which exist in warehouses. To ensure smooth business operations and customer satisfaction, it is very important to always keep track of inventory movement so you can be aware if some SKU needs replenishment.

Inventory can be moved internally among internal warehouses, or to a division (eg manufacturing or inspection).

Product details

A product can have multiple configurable attributes, for example photos, expiry date, tracking code, lot, batch, etc. A product also can have variation (color, size, etc).

Note: Product quantity in the database shall be regularly matched with that with the physical existence. With the stock opname feature, you can track the differences.

Report list:

  • Inventory level

  • Across-branches inventory movement

  • Stock history

  • Stock opname

  • Inventory comparison

  • Exchanges and returns

Supply Chain Management software SCM software Indonesia


Purchase Request (PR)

A user will be able to send a purchase request for equipments, supplies or service. You can also issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) and compare offering from multiple suppliers.

Purchase Order (PO)

When creating a new PO, data from Purchase Request, if any, is prepopulated. Products purchased can be categorized into inventory, asset, or consumable supplies. Based on supplier master data, the payment terms is defined.

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Record the GRN, define to which warehouse the products are shipped. Users can accept partial shipment (comparing with the corresponding PO).

  • Pending (PO is still open)

  • Partially received

  • Closed (all products have been received in correct quantity)


Input the GRN number, or delivery order number from supplier and the Return form will be auto-populated with data, which the user then can pick and edit.

Simplifying The Purchase

To make it easy for you to reorder the same products, each product has information who the suppliers have been and the purchase price history.

Then, you can either create a new PO from scratch, or simply click reorder from previous purchase data.

Report List:

  • Goods Receipt

  • List of Returns to Supplier

Sales and Promotion

Sales Order (SO)

Before SO, you can also create a proposal for your customer. Your salespeople can also submit a Sales Request (SR). User can input a DownPayment amount on SO.

Print on Continuous Form multi-ply paper sheets

Delivery Order

Deliver based on an SO number. You can send the goods partially.

  • Pending - SO not yet delivered

  • Open - partially delivered

  • Closed - fully delivered


Based on an existing invoice number or free form.

Simplifying The Sales

Further integration of our SCM software will make your business even easier to run:

  • Offline Point of Sale (PoS) system that can synchronize with the web server upon available internet connection. Desktop & Mobile.

  • Integration with a Financial Management module or Accounting software will automate journal entry.

Report List

  • Sales by Time Period

  • Sales by Product, Customer, Branch

  • Price Change History

  • Customer Payments

  • Void Report

  • Best Selling Products

  • Top Customers


Various promotion schema can be applied to your sales process. For example:

  • Voucher

  • Discount

  • Bonus Product

  • Discount based on level
    (eg calculate accumulated purchase)

  • etc.

Promo can be set differently per branch, and on a certain time period.

Custom reporting

By embedding community-edition Jaspersoft Business Intelligence (BI) software, we can create custom reports just for you. Or, if you have a staff who knows SQL, your team can create custom reports yourself!

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