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Consult Your Project Development

Your website & mobile app is arguably one of your most important business assets. We’ll help you make informed decisions in building your web or mobile app.


Fixed Bid

With WGS fixed-budget delivery, client does not pay for delays.

Consult & build all kind of custom made apps. For your company's promotional, operational, and human resource needs. Since we have built hundreds of software and apps, it's likely that we can immediately demo similar to what you have in mind.

  • Corporate Website
  • Marketing Web App
  • Ecommerce + Mobile
  • Marketplace / Platform
  • Online Auction
  • Booking & Ticketing
  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Profiling
  • Fintech
  • Repair Order Management
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge MAnagement
  • Payment Gateway
  • Billing System
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Elearning
  • Document Management
  • SPG Management
  • Others
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Project Procedure





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01. Presales

Our presales team will help in both business & technological term to propose the best solution for your business goal. Starting by understanding the goal through continuous discussion with your stakeholder & gathering related documents.

Documents Provided

  • Term of Reference (TOR) Draft or
    Software Requirements Specification(SRS) Draft
  • Mockup
  • Official Quotation
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02. Pre-Development

To build mutual understanding of the application that will be developed, we will prepare an SRS Document as written blueprint of the app . The document will show detail on information regarding application features based on TOR.

Documents Provided

  • SRS
  • Timeline
  • Test-Plan / Use Case
  • Technical Documentation
  • etc.
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03. Development

Team Relationship Model

Business continuity are guaranteed. Project knowledge is owned by at least 2 people. Couple that with our scalable talent platform, your project will be safer with us.

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Inside the development phase, we are working with WGS modified Agile Methodology . Our work will be divided into smaller chunks called sprints, mitigating risk of delay in delivery.


Software Development Life Cycle

After we have finished with initial development, the implementation went through several phase / period:

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04. UAT

  • Internal Testing Checklist
  • Final Technical Documentation
  • UAT Record of Transfer, signed (Berita Acara Serah Terima, BAST)
  • Official mail entering Support Phase

Competitive Advantages

  • Icon ensured cbaa78c911b7f7705f8c2dfa1e1593fdc853771665a1fed7c21775ae9b544780
    Ensured Project Continuity
  • Icon deliverytimelines 8d149147b0086da9295c6573d88c1dac8b7c9a8b7dffabe812bb8d7e0578fea5
    Delivery Timeliness
  • Icon worldclass a862af289e6de31af06d1a2995f8c19440c1619006bd6dd20b00c7562f372f20
    World-Class Quality Standards
  • Icon bestenginers 3262118bf559a4e92ad37f3d68ca44c87c5848d4ebd24cd9f9c2b02c85967d86
    Only The Best Engineers
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    Professional Delivery

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