About Us

WGS is an Enterprise software solutions company

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Great solutions doesn’t need to be complicated

Walden Global Services (WGS) is an Enterprise software solution and system integrator company, with delivery team in multiple sites in Indonesia. Our mission is to strengthen client's IT capacity and capabilities, automate their business processes; allowing them to innovate through technology.


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Our Expertise

We work with clients under three models. One, waterfall, project-based where we scope out the requirements in detail before we start the project. Two, agile, on extended team service, customer get the help from our experts as additional resource and has free reign over the project management with flexible spec. Three, support, our team consists of experienced and tech-savvy developers. We can help you to maintain your application professionally.

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WGS History



Ikin Wirawan set up an office and hired four developers to support a new programmer outsourcing venture using personal savings totaling US$10,000.

Startup Studio

Ikin's studio quickly grew its customer base through freelancer sites, word-of-mouth, and SEO, capturing many startups in Western countries as customers.

WGS Established

With growing number of employees, a new legal entity is established, thus setting the path to get larger customers in the domestic market. 2009

Enterprise Based

Most WGS customers are large enterprises in Indonesia, providing a stable customer base. WGS has also moved to a new 2000m2 permanent location in Bandung for its delivery facilities.

New Management

WGS is structured to become part of a larger technology holding. Three business categories emerge containing synergistic members for the group: services, software, and startups, with WGS as the main driver.

New Management

WGS aspires to become a platform of various technology stakeholders, to provide easier and faster way for next-generation CEOs and CIOs to procure Information Technology.


WGS become a platform to procure Information Technology Solution. We've become official partner of Alibaba Cloud, IBM, Hubspot, Zycus, and Deloitte.
2020 - 2021

Go Global

WGS acquired capability in scaling up resources and developed an app to make it easy for corporates worldwide to fullfill their technology resourcing capacity needs.

WGS Management

We have been standing for 10 years and will continue to keep growing for the next 10 or more years!

Eric Rusli
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Eric's role are being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the WGS' long and short term plans

Ikin Wirawan
Chairman & Founder

as Chairman & Founder, Ikin manage and provide leadership and insight to the Board of Directors within the Walden Group

Yogi Arjan
Chief Operation Officer

As COO, Yogi is responsible for WGS' daily operation, maintaining operational costs

Pingadi Limajaya
Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Pingadi is responsible for the presales team also implementation of technologies in WGS

Chalid Kurdi
Chief HR Officer

As CHRO, Chalid provide WGS with workforce strategy, organizational and KPI measurement

Edwin Hermawan
VP of Talent Management

As VP of Talent Manage- ment - responsible for overall WGS training and workshop to ensure WGS employee growth to make sure every deliverables from WGS achieve Global Standard

Bonar Panjaitan
Chief Project Officer

As CTO, Bonar lead a team of system admin, release manager to make sure every release have it’s code quality checked

Resha J. Prakarsya
VP of Project

As VP of Project, Resha is responsible for the technical supervision of our Project Coordinators

Ferdian Chendra
VP of Project

As VP of Project, Ferdian is responsible for the technical supervision of our Developers

Maharani Juwita

As VP of UI/UX, Maharani leads UI/UX team to deliver the applications into something that people like and want to use

Taufik Hidayat
VP of Support

As VP of Support, Taufik leads WGS support team that will help our clients with any technical support assistance

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to to become Enterprises' trusted IT advisor in navigating and winning in this globalized world. Indonesia would've become an international tech hub, exporting software and IT services.
We would like to build a culture where local Indonesian talents will be proud to work in Indonesia.

Our Core Value

What we believe and how do we run our business

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    Do The Right Things
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    Balance & Enjoyment
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    Respect & Appreciation

Our Culture

Our values continuously inspire us to improve and to boost an open dynamic and down-to-earth company culture.

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  • Icpassion 48c086390aa178a9f26fc90b29750b351187795946a55958d28b0babfe390a05 Passion To Learn
  • Icexcellence 13076c025ccfdb63d3fd30832e0176aa8d277c1b195dfc02f6c36bd218294ceb Excellence
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