Rocket Software Partner Indonesia: AS/400 Software Modernization Solution

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Rocket Software Partner Indonesia: AS/400 Software Modernization Solution

Rocket Software Advantages as AS/400 Software Modernization Solution:

1. Terminal Emulator:

Rocket® Terminal Emulator is a software solution developed by Rocket Software that enables users to connect and interact with mainframe, midrange, and UNIX/Linux systems through terminal emulation. Offering a customizable user interface with features such as keyboard mapping and color schemes. The emulator ensures secure communication with host systems through SSL/TLS encryption and often includes scripting capabilities for automation. It's compatible with multiple operating systems and provides a seamless way to access and manage enterprise systems while maintaining productivity and security standards.

2. Modern Experience:

Rocket® Modern Experience, formerly known as Rocket LegaSuite, is a comprehensive suite of software tools and solutions developed by Rocket Software. It focuses on modernizing legacy applications that typically run on mainframe or midrange systems, offering solutions for UI modernization, web services integration, and cloud enablement. One of its primary goals is to transform traditional terminal-based interfaces into modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs) suitable for web and mobile platforms, enhancing user experience and meeting current digital expectations. Rocket® Modern Experience enables organizations to expose legacy application functionality as web services, integrate legacy code with modern technologies, and extend application reach to cloud environments and mobile devices, all while prioritizing security, compliance, and developer support throughout the modernization process.

3. API:

Rocket® API is a suite of tools by Rocket Software designed for robust API management across diverse platforms. It streamlines API creation, deployment, and governance, allowing organizations to expose their systems and services securely. With features like an API gateway for centralized traffic management, support for industry-standard API specifications, and integration capabilities with various backend systems, Rocket® API empowers developers to build, manage, and monitor APIs efficiently. It also prioritizes security and compliance, providing authentication, access control, and encryption mechanisms to safeguard API endpoints and data, while offering analytics tools for monitoring API performance and usage.

4. Disaster Recovery Solution iCluster:

Rocket® iCluster® is a high-availability and disaster recovery solution tailored for IBM i environments. It ensures continuous operations by real-time data replication between IBM i servers, offering automated failover for seamless continuity during disruptions. With robust monitoring and compliance features, it provides a reliable framework for maintaining data integrity and business continuity, essential for organizations relying on IBM i systems. 

There are many benefits to be gained from IT modernization with Rocket Software. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency: Rocket Software's solutions can help businesses automate tasks and streamline processes, which can lead to significant improvements in efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: By modernizing their IT infrastructure, businesses can save money on hardware, software, and maintenance costs.
  • Mitigated security risks: Modern IT infrastructure is more secure than legacy systems, which can help businesses protect their data from cyberattacks.