Creating Impact with Each Line of Code.

At WGS, we empower digital transformation by continually raising the bar. Our vast experience in multiple industries across the globe has enabled us to keep challenging ourselves to innovate through technology. Enabling you to solve tomorrow's problems, today.

We are one global team








To Create Impact With Each Line of Code.


Future-Proof Innovation™

Building the Solution of Tomorrow’s Problems Today


Dedicated to perpetually hack ways to find agile solutions to solve problems

Our Beliefs

Strength in diversity is something we are proud of as a pioneer in agile project management. Our dedication to creating an impact with every line of code is something we take to heart for everyone involved.

Always Rising The Bar

We are constantly learning from our clients & partners worldwide to help create impactful solutions.

Commitment To Integrity

We commit to do the right things to ensure a healthy & long-lasting relationship with our clients built on respect & appreciation.

Delivering Growth

We have an unrelenting commitment to making sure that our advanced solutions yield tangible business impact.

Strength in Diversity

We constantly maximize the global learning & insights we have amassed to deliver the utmost service to our clients.

Our Group of Companies

WGS group of companies has been operating for many years and has grown to become a prominent player in the industry. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our success.






  • WEB3

  • 2022

    WGS launches its commitment to help companies continually raise the bar to champion digital transformation.

    FutureProof Innovation

  • 2021

    Go Global

    WGS acquired capability in scaling up resources and developed an app to make it easy for corporates worldwide to fulfill their technology resourcing capacity needs.

  • 2020

    Ikin's studio quickly grew its customer base through freelancer sites, word-of-mouth, and SEO, capturing many startups in Western countries as customers.

    Startup Studio

  • 2019


    WGS become a platform to procure Information Technology Solution. We've become official partner of Alibaba Cloud, IBM, Hubspot, Zycus, and Deloitte.

  • 2018

    WGS aspires to become a platform of various technology stakeholders, to provide easier and faster way for next-generation CEOs and CIOs to procure Information Technology.

    New Management

  • 2017

    New Management

    WGS is structured to become part of a larger technology holding. Three business categories emerge containing synergistic members for the group: services, software, and startups, with WGS as the main driver.

  • 2015

    Most WGS customers are large enterprises in Indonesia, providing a stable customer base. WGS has also moved to a new 2000m2 permanent location in Bandung for its delivery facilities.

    Enterprise Based

  • 2009

    WGS Established

    With growing number of employees, a new legal entity is established, thus setting the path to get larger customers in the domestic market.

  • 2008

    Ikin's studio quickly grew its customer base through freelancer sites, word-of-mouth, and SEO, capturing many startups in Western countries as customers.

    Startup Studio

  • 2006


    Ikin Wirawan set up an office and hired four developers to support a new programmer outsourcing venture using personal savings totaling US$10,000.

Eric Rusli
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Eric drive strategic vision, set organizational priorities, and collaborate with leadership for operational success. Eric role involves navigating complexities, ensuring compliance, and fostering innovation for sustainable WGS' growth.

Ikin Wirawan
Founder & President Commissioner

As President Commissioner, Ikin guide strategic alignment, facilitate effective board discussions, and foster positive stakeholder relations. Committed to guiding WGS' through challenges, overseeing risk management, and engaging with investors, Ikin contribute to sustained growth and excellence.



Our executive leadership team has Future-Proofed businesses for over a decade. We are proud to have a solid core that is built to last.

Yogi Arjan

Chief Operation Officer

As COO, Yogi drive operational excellence, optimize workflows, and collaborate for strategic success. Dedicated to efficiency and innovation, Yogi play a key role in achieving WGS' organizational goals.

Chalid Kurdi

Chief HR Officer

As CHRO, Chalid lead human resources strategies, fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace. Responsible for talent acquisition, development, and employee well-being, Chalid play a key role in shaping WGS' culture. Dedicated to building a high-performing and engaged workforce, he contribute to the organization's success through effective HR practices.

Pingadi Limajaya

Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Pingadi lead technology strategies, ensuring alignment with business objectives. His role involves driving innovation, optimizing IT infrastructure, and enhancing digital capabilities. Dedicated to leveraging technology for strategic advantage, Pingadi play a pivotal role in shaping WGS' and WGS' clients digital future.

Edward Setiawan

Chief Quality Officer

As Chief Quality Officer, Edward is responsible for overseeing and managing the quality assurance and control processes within an organization to ensure products or services meet defined standards and customer expectations. They play a crucial role in developing and implementing quality management systems, identifying areas for improvement, and fostering a culture of continuous quality enhancement.


Chief Infrastructure and Security Officer (CISO)

As CISO, Agus lead the dual charge of optimizing technical infrastructure and fortifying cybersecurity measures. Responsible for ensuring the integrity of WGS' digital assets, Agus play a pivotal role in shaping a resilient and secure technological landscape. Dedicated to seamlessly blending robust infrastructure with advanced security, he along with WGS' Dev Ops team contribute to safeguarding the WGS' and WGS client's digital foundation.

Resha J. Prakarsya

VP Project Consultant

As VP Project Consultant, Resha spearhead strategic initiatives, providing expert guidance on project development and execution. Leveraging a wealth of experience, Resha collaborate with WGS' teams to ensure WGS client's projects align with the project objectives. Dedicated to delivering excellence, he play a key role in optimizing WGS client's project outcomes and contributing to WGS client's success.

Ferdian Chendra

VP of Developer

As VP of Developer, Ferdian lead and guide WGS' developer team, fostering innovation and efficient coding practices. Collaborating across departments, Ferdian ensure the successful delivery of high-quality software products, contributing to the WGS' overall success through effective leadership in the development domain.

Maharani Juwita


As VP of UI/UX, Maharani lead the WGS client's project design vision, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Collaborating closely with cross-functional WGS' teams, she drive innovative and user-centric solutions. Maharani's role involves shaping intuitive interfaces and strategies, contributing to the overall success of WGS client's projects through effective design leadership.

Taufik Hidayat

VP of Support

As VP of Support, Taufik leads initiatives to ensure seamless execution and support for WGS clients' projects. Collaborating closely with WGS Managed Services teams, his role involves overseeing the technical continuity aspects of WGS clients' live applications, contributing to the success of IT initiatives through effective leadership and support strategies, and consistently meeting the SLAs promised by WGS to its clients.