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  • pt-timah-internal-approval-application
    PT Timah
    PT TIMAH Internal Approval Application

    WGS's BPM solutions enable the definition of complex approval workflows and multi-stage approvals, allowing PT. Timah to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and monitor the approval processes.

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  • manulife's-internal-bpm-workflow-implementation
    Manulife's Internal BPM / Workflow Implementation

    The absence of a dedicated video recording solution could have made it difficult for both agents and customers to capture and share important interactions. The need for a streamlined, user-friendly method to record and share video content likely emerged as a critical business requirement.

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  • digital-signage-marketplace-platform-for-an-advertising-company
    Private in Indonesia
    Digital Signage Marketplace Platform for LED Billboard Company

    This system is a good tool to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate more with the customers in their brick-and-mortar locations to meet the unique demands of the customers.

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  • distributor-management-system-for-consumer-goods-distributor-company
    Private in Indonesia
    Distributor Management System for Consumer Goods Distributor Company

    This web-based application system is a good tool to create and manage a well-organized stock flow that helps the company build a solid distributor-retailer partnership, while also avoids wasting precious resources in the distribution process.

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  • digital-bank-mobile-application-for-singapore-based-multinational-banking-company
    Private in Singapore
    Digital Bank Mobile Application for Singapore Multinational Banking Company

    This mobile banking app offers a personalized experience for customers where they can actively interact and meet their needs for routine banking activities that presented in a simple language afar from the banking term that is difficult to understand.

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  • p2p-lending-app-for-a-finance-technology-company
    Private in Indonesia
    P2P Lending App for a Finance Technology Company

    The company has developed the web and mobile application that offers ease for customers who seek for loans with a faster process anytime from anywhere without hassle to the conventional banks.

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