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Project Overview

PT. Timah Persero Tbk is an Indonesian company that is one of the largest tin mining companies in the world. The company was originally a state-owned enterprise and later became a public company. It is involved in tin mining, smelting, and exporting, and has a significant presence in Indonesia, particularly in the Bangka, Belitung, and Kundur Island areas. The company has also diversified its business and has subsidiaries engaged in various related services and industries, such as engineering and shipbuilding. 

PT. Timah could benefit from implementing Business Process Management (BPM) for its internal approval processes. A structured approach to improving organizational processes, can help PT. Timah streamline its workflows, including internal approval processes for activities such as data management, data flows, and report approvals. By using BPM, PT. Timah can automate tedious tasks, define complex approval workflows, and ensure efficient and transparent internal processes. The company can also leverage BPM technologies to design, measure, improve, and automate its internal approval processes, contributing to increased operational efficiency and effective governance.

Business Issue

These issues include limited or no visibility of the approval process, lengthy approval processes due to inaccurate or missing information, misrouted or lost paperwork, skipped approvers, the prohibitive cost of handling, managing, and storing paper files, the threat of potential breaches in compliance, no real-time reporting or ability to access/interrogate data, a lack of discipline in the approval process, and a need to audit procedures for regulatory compliance. These issues can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in the approval process, which can ultimately impact the company's bottom line.

Business Solution

WGS's BPM solutions enable the definition of complex approval workflows and multi-stage approvals, allowing PT. Timah to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and monitor the approval processes.

Lesson Learned

This partnership can support PT. Timah in achieving its goals of modernizing operations.


Walden Global Services offers Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to help companies optimize their processes. This partnership can support PT. Timah in achieving its goals of modernizing operations, incorporating new technology, and saving costs through efficient approval management.


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