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BPMS to Boost Efficiency of State-Owned Health Insurance Enterprise




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Project Overview

Processes are the core of a business that exists in every department and team and are critical to the outcome of operations. Business processes can be viewed as a blueprint that defines the pathways and flow of activities that run within and between different business functions. However, moving from point “A” to point “B” along these pathways, and doing it as efficiently as possible may not be as simple as it sounds. Without proper management and effective system implementation, companies often struggle with complexities and inefficiencies. This is why having an effective Business Process Management System is critical.

The client is a state-owned enterprise that provides commercial health insurance services that aimed to boost its efficiency as well as improving services. One of the vital issues they were facing was the broad use of paper documents including for approval processes which were highly inefficient; the massive amount of paper documents and its copies mostly led to the slowdown of processes just to search for the correct ones which are often slipped or misplaced. Holding to the values of Integrity, Persistence, Creativity & Innovation, as well as service excellence, our client realize that they need to increase efficiency by introducing automation to more steps in a process.

With years of experiences in the field of Information Technology and digital system, we managed to provide a User-friendly Business Process Management System (BPMS) that could help them to easily build & enforce their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with improved process control. By installing our customizable BPM software, they were able to overcome the much-occurred business problems, such as manual inefficiency, paperwork, lack of control, and also high cost.

Our solution consists of:

  • Business Process Management System
  • Additional components for special requirements (plug-ins)
  • Approval/Permission System through
  • Web Application
  • Corporate Email
  • Android Mobile App

Advantages over similar products:

  • The System is Built for Enterprise
  • There are options for a monthly subscription as well as direct purchase and on-premise
  • Platform independent, so it can be easily implemented to various systems with minimum changes
  • Highly protected system
  • Easy integration with other applications from Microsoft, SAP, Google, Oracle, Wordpress , and others which are API based 

Business Issue

The company faced business processes inefficiency due to paper documents based system which manifested in resource allocation problems, paperwork redundancies and complexities, bottlenecks, process duplications, and slow transaction processes.

Business Solution

By installing our Business Process Management System, the client managed to create a quick and efficient workflow system by introducing automation to more steps in processes. Moreover, it helps improve quality by standardizing processes and avoiding manual errors.

Lesson Learned

Processes are the core of a business and are critical to the outcome of operations. Poorly managed business processes can lead to inefficiency that will ultimately affect overall operations and productivity. With a proper Business Process Management System, not only will you increased efficiency and productivity but also provide you with the agility to transform processes as business needs and the marketplace require.


The purchase and installment of our Business Process Management System has significantly increased our client’s efficiency and productivity. It also boosts the control over the organization which also leads to the optimization of operational cost.


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