Recruitment Management Application for Japanese Car Spare Parts Manufacturer

  • Solution

    Human Resources

  • Company

    Private in Indonesia

  • Industry:

    • Automotive

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The client is a part of the biggest spare parts manufacturer company in Indonesia and a multinational corporation from Japan. This company run an automotive component manufacture such as Body Parts, Drive Train and Engine Parts for automobile. Our client noted as the third biggest spare parts supplier company in the world. The company has over than 600 employees with a high rate turnover, that is why the Human Resources Department needs to quickly fill the available position from the applicants database. In order to do that, the company needs to build a better recruitment system to automatically organize applicants data from the CV screening until all process is done.

Our client asked WGS to help them change the manual data processing system and replaced it with new application that would bring more benefit to the company. The new system highlights new features such as Job vacancy template, Applicants automatization filter based on gender, age and education, SMS blast, Email blast. Managing selection phase will be easier with this new application since it will assists the company to categorize applicants based on the criteria they need. Candidates will be listed administratively to pass specific selection process that’s scheduled by the HR Dept with automated SMS/Email invitation. Within the app, HR Dept. can also data candidate’s assestment grade to decide on the best candidates. Some of the application features:

  • Profile
  • Career
  • Contact us
  • Applicant registration
  • Login
  • Applicant profile
  • Recruitment status
  • And many more


  • Recruiter login
  • Applicant blacklist
  • Job vacancy advertising template
  • Selection process
  • SMS and Email Blast
  • And many more

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  • Business Issue

    The company found that the time needed to work on applicants data is not worth with new employees they get, so they need to build a useful and time saving application to process on employees recruitment.

  • Business Solution

    An application to selectively recruit new employees without spending too much time on processing applicants data is something that can help company to grow faster.

  • Lesson Learned

    Employer can act faster to lock-in the best candidates yet saving more time on screening applicants data by using this new applicantion.

  • Benefits

    The application can save company’s time in processing applicant’s CVs dan manage the recruitment process more effectively.