B2B eCommerce for Distribution Company

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Wholesale, Retail, Distributor

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Update 2020: This solution would help companies in the current situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, for more info about B2B LOYALTY PROGRAM – REWARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? click here.

Our client, a distributor company for variety of goods and products from many brands requested our help to build an e-commerce system. The client is looking for a solution to provide better and easier sales services for their retail clients while having a better operational system. They have requested WGS to build the B2B web based application, help and simplifying customer’s orders. We built a product order application which is connected to another client’s internal apps such as inventory, payment, and warehouse database. The products that they distributed are updated from their inventory system to both web & mobile commerce. Their business customers will get an easy access to order or buy goods by ordering it through updated web or mobile application on their laptop or mobile phone. They can also look at the Principal feature to see which suppliers provide their products in there. And supply order in many different quantity type (carton, dozen, etc.).

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  • Business Issue

    One of the big issues in business is communication, that is why the company needs a good app especially when dealing directly with product ordering from customers. So, having a simple and best customized solution for customers will help the company to stay firmly at the market.

  • Business Solution

    Create featured rich and secure web based application with unique system in a good platform for taking product orders and requests from customers.

  • Lesson Learned

    Every business should consider the best system for their operational tasks. This factor should be included in the company ‘to-do-list’ because having an easy use application will avoid miscommunication. Ordering system allows customers to reach out to the company during the peak business hours and customers can make their needs clear with options laid out in the app.

  • Benefits

    We have built a new system specialized in recording product orders by using Java platform which is easier to use whether in web or mobile application.