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Project Overview

Bank customers today are used to conducting everything online and it reflected with the use of many things by using mobile technology. From filling out the credit application form by hand, calling a contact center and asking information about other bank products is now can be done simpler, safe and fast. Everybody wants to go online now including storing personal information securely and get a fast response to fulfill the information needed.

The client is one of the largest government-owned banks in Indonesia who specializes in small scale and microfinance style borrowing from and lending to its approximately millions of retail clients spread all over the country. The company asked WGS to develop an integrated application to facilitate the marketing process and help the process of end-to-end house financing applications based on web and mobile technology. The application is built to increase customer growth and customer experience by leveraging productivity.

These are the users who can use this application, as follows:

  1. Backend is used by internal staff
  2. The web-based app is used by house developer, customer, and third-party (insurance or notary public)
  3. The mobile app is used by marketing staff, house developer, customer 

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

  1. Calculator
    This feature provides a simulation of mortgage calculation which will be calculated based on the parameter and calculation formula provided by the bank and the results of the simulation will in the form of financing and payment details.
  2. Tracking
    This page integrates with the bank system where users can view the status of financing submission to the bank, search for customer's names, and adding other features such as date of a mortgage application, status, name of the property, or even export data into excel format.
  3. E-form
    This is a menu where users can check on the mortgage list, updating data, uploading documents, or create, save, and making a simple calculation for financing analysis.
  4. Leads
    This feature displays a list of leads that can be synchronized with the centralized lead management of the bank. The users can add leads, edit info, reset leads, and checking on the customers' photo from the Ministry of Home Affairs based on the identity card that is registered in the system.
  5. Credit application
    On this page, the customers can submit the property financing application including the required information such as the customer's data, the property data, and the down payment nominal. This application submission will go to the e-form menu to be analyzed and going through the documents checking.


Business Issue

People need a home but most people do not have enough money to buy a home in one lump sum and most people face difficulties to apply a loan to the bank.

Business Solution

The bank creates a web and mobile loan application specifically designed to purchase a home in an affordable budget and in a simpler way

Lesson Learned

The application provides convenience to the staff and helps them increase productivity with an easy-to-use system.


This application facilitates the marketing process and helping the process of end-to-end financing applications with good web and android technology-based.


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