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Smart City Mobile App Solution For Property Developer

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Real Estate
Company: Private in Indonesia

One of the largest real estate companies in Indonesia, wanted to improve their customer service on their privately owned city. It’s a service where residents of their planned city can maximize the utilization of the city’s facilities. The company decided to create an application that includes various properties and facilities in the area (office buildings, hospitals, markets, and public transport) to be easily accessible by the public. With the concept of smart city, the whole city is expected to enhance public’s lives and daily activities.

With the smart city mobile application, the residents will be able to :

  • Maintain bill (electricity, water, cable tv, etc).
  • Order food. From local food tenants in the area
  • Order services from grocery stores, supermarkets, and repairing services.
  • View the city information, such as train & bus schedule, city events, and updated news.

The features include:

  1. Transport
    User can see the route and schedule of buses and trains in the city.
  2. Food
    User can see the list of food tenants in the city area, including the menu, price, and location, and also order food directly through the app.
  3. Groceries
    User can view list of grocery stores and supermarkets in the area, and shop directly through the app.
  4. Ticketing
    For amusement parks, city events, in coordination with event organizers and property managements users can purchase the ticket based on the category and price range.
  5. Payment Service
    Local residents can use the app to pay their regular bills such as electricity, water, TV cable, newspapers. All payment is handled using e-money with additional 3rd party app.
  6. Public Services
    The app will list the services needed for community, such as plumbing, cable service, and other handy repairing services which can be ordered directly within the area.
  7. News Feed
    The app will publish all news about the city area, based on category and date.
  8. Advertisement
    The app will have ad banner in the screen

Technical Specification:

  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Linux Red Hat
  • Framework
  • - Laravel
  • Programming Language
  • - PHP
    - iOS
    - Android
    - Swift

  • Business Issue: One of the largest property companies in Indonesia, wanted to improve their service on the planned city management to improve public’s livelihood using smart city concept.
  • Business Solution: For public, WGS created a handy mobile application that includes all properties and facilities in the planned city so users can have easy access on them.
  • Benefits: With convenience user experience and all the facilities provided by the property company; users are more likely to use the application as their daily app. More tenants will join the app and client can get extra benefit from the in-app purchase and advertisement.
  • Lesson Learned: To build an integrated smart city, we need to develop a smart app as the superportal that connecting citizen and the community. The mobile app was built to digitalized living culture in the planned city, considering high mobile user in the country and to level up the smart city system. Hopefully, app like this will help citizen and city management to get connected and enhance their livelihood.

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