B2B Digital Reward Distribution System

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Update 2020: This solution would help companies in the current situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, for more info about B2B LOYALTY PROGRAM – REWARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? click here.

In today’s competitive market, customer loyalty is crucial for the company’s continuous business growth. Since it is hard to find a new customer, most businesses are now depending more on their loyal customers and repeat visits. Business practices today is also evolving as everyone has made lifestyle changes and so does the B2B customer, where they are more apt to do online research before turning to a potential buyer.  Our client is one of the world’s biggest multinational consumer goods company which owns over a hundred brands with a high turnover number every year. They asked WGS to find the best solution to empower sales representatives to manage the sales contract easier. The company wanted to digitalized and track sales contract with hospitality service providers and wholesalers by using a simple tool. So, WGS provided a good system to automate ways to create, approve, keep track, and follow up sales contract based on actual performance.  WGS has implemented a mechanism to enable the company to create, monitor, approve, tracking, and giving rewards to the right staff. This system challenges users to track program and provide gift as a reward to the entitled person. WGS developed the web application on top of Laravel version 5.2 and PHP 5.6.x as requested by Client. The application will run on top of an Ubuntu, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL 9.5 database. On the front-end we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and JQuery. 

There are five roles with specific tasks in this mobile responsive web application, as follows:

  1. Service provider
    This user is registered as the customer who can redeem points for e-reward and claim the reward with SMS OTP. 
  2. Sales marketing
    This user offers program contracts to distributors/wholesalers to purchase products and get a certain reward which listed in the program after they reach the sales target. 
  3. Wholesalers 
    This user is the store owner who can join the reward program after registered as a member by company sales staff using the Program Registration menu in the application.
  4. Sales
    This user is the company sales staff who offer the contract programs to wholesalers. 
  5. Chain 
    This user is the company head of sales who supervise all sales staff in a certain region or area, and they can view all sales information, including sales performance, budget management, contract details or contract summary. While, in the back-end there are four roles involved in this application, as follows:

While, in the back-end there are four roles involved in this application, as follows:
1. Admin
In here, admin can view:

  • the chart of contract summary (including growth contract and tactical contract), the
  • summary of sales achievement, and 
  • operator expiration contract date. 

Admin can also manage the master data of every roles (operator, sales, wholesaler, distributor, brands).

2. Admin marketing
Managing rewards and creating program package and program monitoring are the roles that run by admin marketing at the back-end. This user has a responsibility to upload voucher code to be activated on SMS by the operator, and view all information including summary, achievement, and activity table. 

3. Admin finance
This user can view all sales information including:

  • budget monitoring, 
  • contract list, 
  • budget management, 
  • update transaction, 
  • e-reward confirmation, 
  • e-voucher activation, 
  • manage merchandise point setting, 
  • and many more. 

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  • Business Issue

    Beating the competition isn't that easy, because B2B customers today are looking for companies that can provide an upgraded business form to improve their market share. So our client is looking to provide good customer services and incentives to maintain their B2B clients.

  • Business Solution

    Our custom-made application is a solution for the client to provide a better customer convenience and helps the company making a good bond with their B2B customers who tend to expect good mutual interaction and get services with an interesting offer.

  • Lesson Learned

    This automated marketing and loyalty platform is a good tool for effective B2B growth.

  • Benefits

    An automated rewards application offers a simple, seamless, and easy way to set up a loyalty program for B2B customers who love simplicity which inspires their trust to create brand loyalty and retention.