Car Rental App for a Car Manufacturing Company

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Our client is one of the largest leading providers of a wide range of automobile and motorcycle products in Indonesia who produces many application-based innovations in the market. They have requested WGS to build an application as a solution to connect car owner and car renter in one platform. The application provides a system where car renters can easily find the car they need and also help car owners with more income by renting their car.

The client wants to present an innovative, relevant and customer oriented solution to increase customer engagement. They can serve more customers by presenting this mobile-based application, with trusted renters readily available in multiple islands of Indonesian Archipelago, such as Java, Bali, Sumatera, Borneo (Kalimantan), and Sulawesi.

The concept of this application is simple where the car owner can become a driver or simply just rent their car while it’s not in use. People can rent a car with or without a driver, and surely there are certain requirements to fulfill those options. This is a solution when you need to rent a car fast and easy.

We’d like to share on some of the interesting features, as follows:

  1. Homepage
    Users will find promo offer and complete information about the cars, popular destinations and partnered car rentals available on one page.
  2. Referral code
    Users can recommend the application to their friends by using a unique code they get after the registration process, so they can redeem free vouchers as a reward of recommendation.
  3. Rent User’s Car
    This feature offers users to get additional income by renting their vehicles and users can also promote their cars free without any promotional fee. All activities including the car registration process and verification, booking history or incentive for every complete transaction are recorded safely in the application.
  4. My bookings
    Users can find a car to book in this feature along with the booking history and status.
  5. Chat
    When users need to know information clearly, they can use this feature by chatting directly with the company’s admin or the car owner.
  6. User management
    Here, users can view and edit their profile by completing their identity in the application; such as photo, driving license number, identity card, or connected social media account for easier login.
  7. Application settings
    Users can manage the application setting in this feature including the notification, language, privacy policy, and terms of service.
  8. Cart
    All the car bookings before payment that made by users will be saved in this feature.
  9. My vouchers
    Users can manage points from the car bookings and exchange it by clicking on the redeem button to get vouchers.


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  • Business Issue

    Additional income would help a lot of people with their living costs, as an automobile company our client is interested to help their client and beyond, with a practical solution to rent a car in different places easily.

  • Business Solution

    This application offers a good option for people who look for a beneficial, easy, and fast car rent anytime everywhere.

  • Lesson Learned

    The technology in this application provides many car booking options and safe transaction so people can use it comfortably.

  • Benefits

    The application offers quality services such as additional income for car owners, insurance and rent cars without any worries of the car being damaged or stolen. All while it becomes an additional income for the company, and help to liven up their vehicle business.