Crew Management System

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    Human Resources

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Transporation & Logistics

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PT Pelayaran Equinox is one of the leading freight shipping company in Indonesia. We are proud to have the opportunity to develop a web-based system for the company using CakePHP to manage crews and ships, scheduling an event, reporting and notification systems. Reports can be downloaded as PDF or Excel, and the system also provides granular roles with different access controls. Extensive use of Ajax (such as lightbox and autocompleter) are implemented to give users desktop-like experience. Features include:
• Crew data: biodata, ranks, experience. Filtering not-recommended crew.
• Crew certificates: basic safety training, survival craft,
medical care, ARPA, etc.
• Vessel data
• Crew contracts: basic wage, vessel, port, recruitment fee, handling fee, etc.
• Scheduling of jobs for the crew / allotment request
• Sending crew to specified clinic for medical checkup
• Union contribution
• Document management
• Reporting in PDF and Excel
• Alerting system for expired data or other notifications

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  • Business Issue

    Managing crew with pen and paper is taking time and resources.

  • Business Solution

    Computerized databases and record.

  • Lesson Learned


  • Benefits

    Faster crew allocation, faster in finding stand by staff, complete crew data, better decision making.