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Project Overview

Our client is one of the largest public transportation company in Indonesia to cater for people’s needs from taxi, containers and heavy equipments, to logistics; which serve millions of passengers every month. Transportation nowadays is having massive changes from what it was half a century ago. Now, people has easier access to get faster transportation to compensate their quick movement and they can easily go whenever they wish by using an application.

The company wanted to deliver a  better airport shuttle service for customers by providing transportation for people between airport and determined drop-off/pick-up points throughout Jakarta and its 4 surrounding cities including Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi area (shortly named Jabodetabek). Our client asked WGS to develop website backend and mobile application for an airport shuttle application.

WGS developed the application on top of Ruby version 2.3 and Rails version 4.2.x as requested by the client. The application will run on top of a Ubuntu, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL / MySQL database. On the front-end we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and JQuery.

The system performs two forms of applications, as follows:

Web Application
The portal supporting the operations is only accessible for internal staff of the company and provides some features with different roles, as follows:

  1. ​Dashboard
    Admin can view this page which contains active user graphic, order graphic, and user data after successfully completed the authentication process.
  2. Driver/User setting
    This page contains all users and drivers data where admin has access to fill data for new user choose user type.
  3. Schedule
    Admin can manage schedule, display selected data and search data schedule by clicking the button in this page.
  4. Shuttle management
    In this page, admin can assign driver to take order from user, manage and track route and position (with google maps service), and make an announcement for user.
  5. Report
    Admin can view order report and driver daily transactions reports which displayed in this page

Mobile Application
In here, the portal support mobile operations for users and provides some features, as follows:

  1. ​Splash
    User will view splash screen that contains company logo and sign up screen when users open the app for the first time, however users who have been using the app for the second time will view the dashboard screen.
  2. Route lists
    User can choose the route from route lists and available routes which displayed in this page.
  3. Route details
    User can choose the available shuttle schedule and select seat from the date and time schedules displayed in this page.
  4. Pick up location
    Users can view pickup point, get-off point, estimate time of arrival, and payment method in this page.
  5. Payment page
    There are some payment methods for users, such as bank transfer, credit card, or cash.

This page contains features for drivers who has registered and authenticated by admin and directed straight to dashboard page.​​

  1. Dashboard
    Drivers can see list of schedules, initiate start and stop route, and see list of passenger destination route.
  2. Detail route
    Drivers can clearly see details of the route in this page, including driver confirmation, passenger check point, arrival at the destination, and also the passenger booking ID.
  3. Go show
    Driver will use this page to pick up passengers who order without application and pay cash.

Business Issue

Transportation industry experiences large changes since competition in commuting business is growing tougher and people focuses more on smart mobility services.

Business Solution

People can move from airport to another places with this shuttle application without losing their comfort or wasting time.

Lesson Learned

The application creates a competitive edge in the industry by providing an easy-to-use and user friendly application to ensure excellent user experience that keeps users hooked on to the system for their airport transport needs.


Airport shuttle application is a proficient method to handle assets and manpower where company can work building trust with the customers and strengthening relationships with them by using a good system.


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