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Digital Signage Marketplace Platform for LED Billboard Company

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Telecommunication Services
Company: Private in Indonesia

Talking about attracting new customers, increasing more return sales, adding extra value to the product, and making it noticeable on the market are what businesses are expecting to benefit from advertising. However, managing advertisement processes is not a simple matter. It needs a good system and technical support to manage the product and display it well to the customers. Not only to attract customers, but the product campaign must also bring significant advantages to the business.

The client is one of the national billboard advertising companies in Jakarta that requested WGS to develop an application that can be used by advertisers to manage data of marketing campaigns displaying products and purchasing an ad slot in one platform. This application is a good solution to streamline and centralize the process of planning, executing, monitoring, optimizing, and reporting on product campaigns.

There are four types of application that can be used, as follows:

  1. Web-based backend application
  2. Web-based front-end application for media owner/partner
  3. Web-based front-end application for the advertiser
  4. Desktop application

There are three roles who can manage this application, as follow:

  1. Superadmin
  2. Media owner/partner
  3. Advertiser

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

  1. Back-end platform
  • Schedule management
    The page displays an ad serving data schedule that is created automatically by the system when an advertiser orders an ad through the application after successfully conducting payment and submitting data to be inputted later by the platform admin.
  • Display management
    The page shows the display data or the media that is used to publish the partner's ad and filtered based on the display area.
  • Campaign/advertising management
    The page shows the ad that is going to be published or have been published on a display media based on the area and filtered by the admin.
  • Partner management
    This is the page to manage the partnership data including the partner name, address, location, contact number, and active or non-active status.
  • Bidding management
    This page displays special order campaign data requested by a partner through a certain eCommerce platform at a special price.
  • Order and transaction management
    The order and transaction page is the page that displays the advertiser payment transaction that is filtered by the admin based on the transaction status and ad period data submitted by the advertiser.
  1. Front-end for media owner/partner
  • Schedule management
    The page displays an ad serving data schedule that is owned only by an authenticated media owner or partner and a registered campaign can be scheduled without passing through the platform (walk-in customer).
  • Display management
    The page shows the display data or the media owned by a media owner or partner that has passing through the authentication process through a device registration on the desktop application.
  • Campaign/advertising management
    The page shows the ad owned by a special walk-in customer that is going to be published or have been published on a display media and filtered based on the area.
  1. Front-end for advertiser
  • Campaign/advertising management
    The page shows the ad that is going to be published or have been published on a display media that is ordered by the user and filtered based on the area.
  • Buy slot
    The user can buy an ad slot in this page that covers the processes of display details, set campaign, bidding schedule, checkout bidding and payment.
  • My Account
    The user can manage the account that covers the change of password, viewing bidding data and order data, and get the notification for those features from the system.
  1. Desktop
  • Data synchronization
    The system will automatically synchronize the campaign data with all the schedules when connected to the internet and save the data in the local device to be used when the user wants to display the campaign.
  • Campaign download and schedule
    All data that has been synchronized can be download and schedule later on anytime the user wants to display the ad.
  • Campaign logging for report
    The system will implement a logging process for every campaign that is published to make it easy for reporting later on. 


Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - PostgreSQL
  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Ubuntu Server
  • Server
  • - Apache Webserver
  • Framework
  • - Laravel
    - jQuery
    - Node.js
  • Markup Language
  • - HTML 5
  • Programming Language
  • - Javascript
    - Java

  • Business Issue: An organization needs to reinforce its brand to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business itself so it is important to showcase products, services, or any other content to be stand out and get more engagement with the customers.
  • Business Solution: This system is a good tool to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate more with the customers in their brick-and-mortar locations to meet the unique demands of the customers.
  • Benefits: This tool can help a company to cut costs of the logistics and storage of the marketing materials because the business can focus on churning out high-quality content and graphics to reduce spending and save time.
  • Lesson Learned: The application helps an organization to deploy any content at any time, from any location to increase sales and sell more products to the customers.

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