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Project Overview

Update 2020: This solution would help companies in the current situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, in the project 2 solution is integrated to make online selling & business administration easier.


Our client UMG Group of Companies is a conglomeration group in the Indochina region headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. They have requested WGS to build a marketplace for electronic products trading within the regional area of Myanmar. All transactions are made in the local currency, Kyat. There will be a payment gateway to use in the future, Myanmar Payment Union. However, temporarily all transactions are paid via bank transfer only. Although the company does not have its own products to sell here, yet the customers will find some good features in the system such as Own Products, Consignment, Marketplace, and more. However, the marketplace accepts all kinds of electronic products from any vendors.

WGS developed a web application on top of Java EE version 7 as requested by the Client. It runs on top of a CentOS, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL / MySQL database. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework, Angular JS, and JQuery. As for a mobile application, WGS develops the app on using Android SDK and iOS SDK as requested by the Client. The deliverable for Android is the APK and for iOS is the IPA / Diawi.

Here are a few from many tremendous features in the application, as follows:

  1. Products filtering, sorting and searching
  2. Transaction e-mail using e-mail account provided by the client
  3. Push notification using firebase
  4. Shipping courier that could be set up from the back-end with uploading CSV / excel file from client logistics partners.
  5. Transaction / payment management
  6. Marketplace management
  7. Merchant management
  8. E-mail direct marketing using MailChimp
  9. Customer behavior analytics
  10. Customized reports
  11. Customer predictive behavior using prediction.io
  12. Helpdesk and customer support using Zendesk
  13. SEO friendly This e-commerce marketplace platform provides a web-based application for admin or back office as the back-end.


Business Issue

The client wanted to market their electronic products through e-commerce marketplace website. As a development of the informatics technology business sector, UMG has created a new sector by creating an e-commerce system (Hokeba) for electronic goods trading.

Business Solution

Creating a featured rich and secure e-commerce marketplace website with unique system to be a good platform for selling electronic products.

Lesson Learned

Java is well known as a framework to build cathedrals, although it might takes quite a while to build but the platform will stand for centuries. This is what needed for a good e-commerce marketplace website. So, WGS used the following languange programs such as Java, typescript and PHP (Phyton) to build this system with Play Framework, Angular 2, Native (Android) and Odoo.


WGS built an e-commerce system specialized in electronic products trading which the warehouse is handled by the company themselves. Currently, there is no similar system found in their country.


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