Nutrifood: e-Commerce Web Application for Multiple Brands

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  • Company

    Private in Indonesia

  • Industry:

    • Wholesale, Retail, Distributor

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As a full-Ruby on Rails project, the development of this web application went smoothly and WGS successfully build the complete architecture for the manufacturer’s multiple brand and its wide-range varieties of products. We also added a “Fast Track” option to ease the user by offering several package types for a quick purchase. This web application is the example of a clear idea and functionality blended together with appropriate technical expertise, resulting in an efficient transactional and information gathering experience for the user.

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  • Business Issue

    The Client requires a web app which promotes the product via internet in an immersive, shop-around way, just like when you’re in the market itself.

  • Business Solution

    WGS developed a market-fashioned product catalogues which carries the user empirical experiences as if they’re in the shop. The Client is known for its multi-faceted brands and each brand carries different swabs of colour and feel

  • Lesson Learned

    A unique, multi-faceted design can carry a simple Idea into a thriving e-commerce solution where both clients and users are beneficially entertained.

  • Benefits

    Good design are basic element why specific venue attracts people. This web app showcases per-product designs and that’s what makes this web app’s selling point compared to other product-centric web app