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Nutrifood: Easy Market Research with Easy Online Survey

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Consumer Goods Mfg.
Company: Nutrifood

As a marketing research service, IsiSurvey is engineered to provide data about consumers and their habits. Consumers are encouraged to participate on the survey after they register as a member; IsiSurvey will inform members via email about the availability of new survey.

With cost-free registration and membership, IsiSurvey provides ISI Poin which can be traded with shopping vouchers for nation-wide merchants, as a token of gratitude. Respondent will be able to fill and add their ISI Poin by participating in a survey or by suggesting and sharing the IsiSurvey website to colleagues and friends. ISI Poin will expire after 1-year period from your last visit to IsiSurvey.com.

This service offers the respondent/member a direct benefit in a practical set-up and easy-to-share environment, while at the same time providing required data for marketers and brands.

Benefits are being made as an implication of using internet as survey distribution medium. Besides the questions reach the respondents in an instant, this online media are more targeted since surveyor is allowed to pick which segment receives which survey package. Internet are a rich interactive media so it is less boring. You can combine sound, picture, or video. You can also skip unnecessary question as in clausul "skip to no # if you answer yes" on conventional printed survey.

On the surveying company hand, data is collected digitally. No more time-consuming input process. This will speed up the study time and company gets the market insight faster. Saved up printing cost and no paper-waste are another inevitable added values.

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: Develop a research tool to facilitate respondents anywhere and anytime, comfortable for both surveyor and respondent.
  • Business Solution: A web-based survey/polling for registered member with direct added value for the respondents and marketers.
  • Benefits: Online presence makes it easier for marketers and respondents to recommend/share the promotional message.
  • Lesson Learned: Automating the survey process will bring the people to you, and not the other way around.

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