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Kreditplus: eForm for Financing Company

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Banking & Finance
Company: Kreditplus

The client, PT. Finansia Multi Finance (Kreditplus) has requested WGS to build an internal application, namely eForm, to support the process of their tasks of credit transaction recording, credit analyzing and approval. Customers can easily apply for credit proposal using eForm embedded in websites.

After then their requests will be managed by the Customer Relationship Officer to continue the credit process. eForm is a very interesting solution, since it can be connected to other ecommerce applications such as ticket app, retail store and more.

The application was built on Android platform with PHP based backend administrator which connected to Kredit Plus core application called Confins System. Staffs involved in the application are Customer Relationship Officer, Marketing Support, Phone Verificator, and Credit Analyst.

WGS develops the application on top of Laravel version 5.2 and PHP 5.6.x as requested by Client. The interesting feature is the security code checking whereas the XSSme tool is implemented in here. The tool will make sure that all of the data are safe and secured from session hijacking.

Some of the application features:

  1. Frontend (Android)
    • Application Inquiry
    • Kreditmu Inquiry
    • KPM Integration
    • Print Application
    • Print Credit Agreement
  2. Backend
    • Application Management
    • Credit Processing
    • Dashboard
    • Assignment Editing
    • Retake Photo Request

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: Data processing consumes a lot of time, since its recording runs in different platforms, so the client needs a new additional system to make registration easier for customers anytime anywhere.
  • Business Solution: A new system is expected to make the credit registration of any clients easier and the data will be organized in one good platform.
  • Benefits: Users can complete the forms, edit and correct errors with some helpful features and menus which help them fill the form easier and with pleasure. Since the form filling is so much easier and flexible to users, so the number of credit submissions are increasing significantly by about hundreds of thousands of prospects in the first year.
  • Lesson Learned: There’s no need to expend effort deciphering hand-written forms and transcribing data, so the transcription errors can be eliminated. The form filling is also more flexible for users so the credit applications tend to increase significantly.

Whether you need assistance for the whole software implementation process or just one particular service, we are ready to contribute.

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