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Elnusa: Recruitment System for Energy Services Company

Solution: Human Resources
Company: Elnusa

In today’s economy, a company needs to improve their business operations in order to stay on top of the competition in the industry. That is why an organization needs to carry out the business process management to avoid failure, get a better result, gain higher revenues, have a higher employee’s motivation and get more customer satisfaction.

Elnusa Tbk, is a state-owned company with high competencies in oil and gas services in Indonesia. They have requested us to build a recruitment approval system which implemented our Business Process Management System (BPMS) as the backend. The BPM can manage many activities to carry out a specific organizational goal. The process is often visualized with a flowchart. WGS together with Kinnara developed a user-friendly software based on Kecak Workflow. It helps enterprises to easily build and enforce their Standard Operating Procedure which the main function is to help businesses improving their process control.

The company can process their recruitment steps from the recruitment request, the written test, interview phases, list of candidates (along with complet information and performance during the test) which combine it with BPMS for approval recruitment. We also helped them to develop BPM system that can monitor the time efficiency of each process to meet their Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The application provides seven recruitment processes that is easier to use by admin and manage by the company, as follows:

  1. Man Power Planning
    ​Here, user can manage the process of planning, identifying and evaluating the need of new employee for a certain position in accordance with the established standard of need.
  2. Recruitment
    ​This is the process where you select and get the new staff with certain competencies for a vacant position in the company
  3. Job selection
    This is a process where the company select candidates that fulfil the criteria needed by the company.
  4. Job posting
    This is a process to advertise the vacancy internally through a bulletin board, email or externally.
  5. Candidate selection
    User can search for candidates who follow the selection process and find the ones that meet the best criteria for a job that required by the company.
  6. Contract
    Here is the process where candidates and company meet the agreement and sign the contract legally.
  7. Onboarding
    This is the adaptation phase where a new recruit learns the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behavior in the company and get the facilities he needs to start working.

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: The big issue for many organizations is that the business processes are often inefficient which produces the increase in waste, predominantly in time and money. When the business processes are not working as it expected, then the company needs a good solution for this matter.
  • Business Solution: An application based on Business Processes Management is a good system to ensure the operation runs well, and reducing cost with more time saved.
  • Benefits: The company has a greater control and agility to make business processes become more responsive. The process itself is able to stay on track and get a higher level of adaptability to unstable situations.
  • Lesson Learned: The company can find balance between efficiency and efficacy. They can have a highly efficient process with a good effective product in the end, and also get a high-quality product with less cost and faster way on the production process.

Whether you need assistance for the whole software implementation process or just one particular service, we are ready to contribute.

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