Exam Preparation Test Platform for a Publishing Company

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Transformation in the digital era appears in many aspects including the education system. Conducting examinations today can be seen in the form of exams online. It makes the examination easier to be done and also become more competitive since the traditional way of examination tends to bring up troubles for students, teachers, examiners, institutions, or even universities at large scale. The common problem that often arises from the traditional examinations is the question leak, cheating on exams, and faulty paper check that leads to a low score.

The client is one of the members of the largest media conglomerates in Indonesia who focus on educational publishing and concentrate on school textbooks and other educational materials for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. The company asked WGS to develop an examination test online platform in order to help students to be well prepared for any kind of examination at school. The platform provides the collection of questions test for students in accordance with the national curriculum used in Indonesia.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

Web front-end

  1. Home
    This page displays the menu for a user to access tryout questions based on education level in categories, however, a user should be registered before accessing the tryout questions.
  2. Registration
    This page is a mandatory registration form for users.
  3. Sign-in
    A user can sign-in after finishing the authentication process by using an email address and input the correct username and password.
  4. Test questions
    A user can choose the test suitable for the class or choosing the type of favorable tryout questions. All questions should be answered at a certain time and the result will appear on the last page of the questions page.

Web back-end

  1. Sign-in
    Admin is the user who has authenticated the signing process to access the web back-end by submitting the valid username and password. If the authentification succeeds the admin will redirecting to the master data page.
  2. Master data
    A user can manage the questions test template, questions category, questions code, questions, and answers on this page including the liberties of sorting, editing, deleting, or creating.
  3. Manajemen user
    On this page, the admin manages the user according to the role as super admin, as a teacher to create questions, or as a student to conduct the test and viewing score.
  4. Setting
    This page provides a reset password feature for admin which can be done by submitting the old and new passwords.
  5. Report
    This page displays report data of questions and score reports and the admin can print out or download the report by tapping on the provided button.


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  • Business Issue

    The process of learning is not only restricted to the traditional forms since most of learning happens in practising so the digital way of learning comes to help students to get sufficient practice time.

  • Business Solution

    This application is a digital form of learning providing personalized and adaptive practice to get success in competitive exams.

  • Lesson Learned

    The application helps the students to get the practicing programs which are easily accessed from their personal computer.

  • Benefits

    This kind of learning method not only can ease the scoring and learning process but also relieve some of the stress the students or the teachers might have to take.