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Zycus Announces Partnership with Bandung Based Walden Global Services (WGS) to Deliver Customer Success

Indonesia, June 13th, 2019:  Zycus, a global lead...

Fashion & Style Platform

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Media
Company: Private in Indonesia

The client is one of the foremost IM (Instant Messaging) provider in mobile environment in Korea and Indonesia. Just like its competitors, the company would like to have their suite of apps used by users. One which we’re about to portray is a fashion social media & commerce platform. This app is made to showcase fashion items by users and merchants alike so they can connect & interact together; just like lookbook if you ever heard of it. With one big difference being focused on mobile while lookbook is focused on web.

One thing about This app is that its app usage only covers South Korean market so the client need further modification of it to be used in Indonesian market, which currently is one of the company’s priorities. The app needs to be connected to merchants and of course the system in Indonesia and South Korea is different to one another. WGS were entrusted to localize and adapt the app to Indonesian market environment so both users and merchants in Indonesia can use the app accordingly. WGS uses the company's unique design language and its technical policies regarding its connectivity with the other app family members from the same company.

WGS developed both Apple and Android version of the app and it’s already on the market now. Both Indonesian users and merchants can post items and showcase of their fashion concepts.

Technical Specification:

  • Markup Language
  • - HTML 5
    - XML
  • Programming Language
  • - Ruby

  • Business Issue: The app is firstly designed for South Korean market and needs to be modified for Indonesian Market.
  • Business Solution: WGS developed an Indonesian version of the app connected with The client's own design language and interoperability with other app family members from the client platform.
  • Benefits: Developing an app with high-profile mobile client helps WGS to expand its wings with other mobile companies willing to set new market in Indonesia.
  • Lesson Learned: Every high-profile mobile app usually already possesses specific design language and app interoperability so development needs to be suited to the factors

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