Food & Restaurant Website for Guide & Reservation for Telecommunication Company

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Accomodation & Food Service

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Our client is a telecommunications company, as one of the largest mobile network operators. The client asked WGS to help them with building a new system, enhancement on existing software, and its maintenance for better web performance. The client has an existing ecosystem of applications, which is the leading food portal in the country with an online presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Australia. They requested WGS to help with further development and to support the company in maintaining the ecosystem with these services:
● Application Delivery & Managed Services (ADMS)
    - Support for the functions, monitoring of all services, and troubleshooting in case of issues arise
    - Enhancement of functions for in-scope applications
    - Development of new major application into the ecosystem
● Transition Services for initial engagement
● Disaster Recovery, restart, and reconfigurations of server We have made a necessary improvement on their Reservation System speed interface and maintenance web applications based on Symphony 2. The new system runs on top of a CSS3, JavaScript/plugin, Bootstrap. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

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  • Business Issue

    The client need help to maintain and improve their website as the country’s leading digital information on food & culinary establishments, that will serve mobile and online visitors for food and restaurant advice.

  • Business Solution

    We help our client with a complete package of our services, The ADMS for multiple application in their ecosystem of applications. From bug fixes, change requests, feature enhancements, patching and upgrade of software as and when requested by the client, while also monitoring of uptime for all services and troubleshooting in case issues arise.

  • Lesson Learned

    ADMS helps the company in upgrading their business performance and continually improve the quality to meet customer’s demand.

  • Benefits

    We help the client to built a new system supporting a better distribution of management quality and performance optimization.