Gramedia: Corporate Website for Publisher of Children & General Books

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Bhuana Ilmu Populer (BIP) under the Gramedia Group, is one of the biggest publishing companies in Indonesia. The company focuses on the children books and wants to expand their business by publishing geospatial products such as world map and travel guidance map. As the publishing industry has grown rapidly, the company needs to follow the trend and promote their products better through a fine looking website. They asked WGS to redevelop their company profile with a better & interesting view and responsive website.

We redesigned the company website in order to attract more readers, capture email subscribers and increase product sales. The website is a representative display of the company products with its interesting contents and the variety of published book. The application provides complete information about books particularly children books. Users can find the best seller and new arrival books on the website, while they can find one featured story from a book displayed on the homepage.

WGS developed web application on top of Wordpress. It runs on top of a Linux Ubuntu OS, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end,the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery.

The roles in this application, as follows:

  1. Superadmin
    This role can set the admin management and has all the admin functions.
  2. Admin
    This role can add, delete, and change the background, menu, uploaded files, image and text contents in the website.

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Home
    Users can find BIP's company introduction in this page, including history, vision, mission, awards, news and events, and gallery.
  2. New arrival
    Users will find new release books here, including the book review.
  3. Best seller
    Users will find the most wanted book and the best seller in this page, including the book review.
  4. Featured story
    This is interesting because users can read the excerp of a book for free in this page.
  5. News and events
    Users can view the update news and events in this page, including the latest tweet from the Twitter company account.
  6. Catalogue
    Users can find this feature at the right top of the page to see a variety of book categories.


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  • Business Issue

    The major issue in this digital era is to turn the website visitors into the company’s repeat book readers and buyers.

  • Business Solution

    A good website is a cornerstone of a company that comprises important information so customers can search for products and determine if they want to own the books they need.

  • Lesson Learned

    Being generous to customers with various free contents will attract people to eventually become a regular visitors and buyers.

  • Benefits

    A good and attractive website with attractive samples and free contents will help the company to turn more new visitors into repeat visitors and generate sales.