HIS: Hotel Booking Web App

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    Private in Indonesia

  • Industry:

    • Accomodation & Food Service

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The client comes to WGS to integrate the app with API (WeGo and Channel Gain); the request came with debugging and added feature installment. WGS split the web app into 2 channels; one for the frontend, the other one for the backend with supplementary admin differentiator/ roles (admin, extranet, user). To enrich the app, “Other Benefit” feature added to the ‘Promotions’.

The integrated API enabled the client to be on different sites and update their availability in simpler steps. The integration leveraged the app to a new level of efficiency by automated synchronization, which allows the client to focus on the held issues and direct services to the consumers.

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  • Business Issue

    The Client’s existing app is past its 100% prime usage and needs further modification to support Client’s growing business processes.

  • Business Solution

    WGS integrated the App with other APIs and also splitted the web app into 2 channels for easier management by the client. Additional features are implemented to fulfill business requirements related with hotel management.

  • Lesson Learned

    Interoperability using the web app is an essential step for hotel reservation purposes or something similar.

  • Benefits

    The double channel helps Client to become more efficient in using the app whilst the added features amp up the application’s existing edge.