Job Seeker and Vacancy SMS Match Up

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    Human Resources

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    Private in Indonesia

  • Industry:

    • Telecommunication Services

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In Indonesia, although online look out is getting more popular, newspaper is still the most favorite method, especially for the middle-low segment. This fact brings down one more topic to the discussion, which is from the employer point of view. Our client idea is to combine a job matching algorithm with feature phone message delivery.

The app will allow job seeker to register him/herself through SMS (short message) or USSD. The registered database will be processed, scored, and matched up with job vacancy from companies. The result will be sent back out to the seeker also through SMS. As the technical team, WGS' main chore is to develop a system that is able to communicate with SMS gateway and ensure accurate match up between job seeker and employer.

We use PHP with MySQL, and came up with features listed below:

  • SMS gateway integration, including the operational cost calculation and reports
  • UMB (USSD) and WAP interface
  • Job seeker is allowed to upload CV through wap if he/she want to
  • Web interface for employer to post job vacancy and see match up results
  • Head Hunter interface, this is client's partner who help companies finding worker
  • Scoring system to ensure match up
  • Reporting dashboard interface for the client to monitor activities

The scoring algorithm calculates job requirements (i.e. age, location, job type, salary, abilities, experience, etc.) with the job seeker profile. It also considers vacancy status, number of employees required, and vacancy expiration date. Once scoring is finished, employer have options to review the candidates or automatically call them to a scheduled interview. Tapping the feature phone market is very lucrative.

Once registrant number reached a critical mass, the client can easily monetize the information gathered or ask for volume sharing from the cell phone operator. It's also highly possible to upgrade the market segment since WGS has already prepared the email and web infrastructure.

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  • Business Issue

    Employers who need blue-collar workers are getting hard times making their vacancy visible to the seekers on the papers. It's relatively expensive to post job vacancy there.

  • Business Solution

    Indonesian factory worker, security, helper, driver, building worker, field surveyor, delivery man are less likely having decent access to the internet. Luckily, almost all of them are now having a cell phone.

  • Lesson Learned

    Internet vacancy could also help companies to find blue collar workers, in a much effective & cheaper ways.

  • Benefits

    The client spreads the registration format to people through one newspaper listing and voila, both job seeker and employer get the accurate information they need. Clever! It's much more simpler for the job seekers. They are now not necessarily to read all the listed job vacancy.