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Kredit Plus Mobile, The Mobile Loan Application

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Banking & Finance
Company: Kreditplus

Shopping on the go becomes more popular with advanced technology today, and so does the mobile loans. People can initiate a loan through a dedicated mobile loan application and also through mobile optimized websites. They just have to tap on the screen of their smartphones and tablets easily. However, a good mobile application definitely offers a better lending experience for everyone.

People would love to have more control on how their financial flow is going and everybody has a mobile connection today. A mobile application today is like a helping hand, because it will provide what they need in just a second. You can be sitting on the bench waiting for a friend checking your account balance or looking at your recent transactions easily.

Therefore, WGS has built a good system by using Agile development method to develop Kredit Plus Mobile for our client, PT Finansia Multi Finance (Kredit Plus). Today’s customers are starting to switch to mobile application for a loan application like Kredit Plus Mobile, since it offers many conveniences. This system provides many advantages since it increases the service quality and speed for applicants to process their loans.

Here are a few from many features of the application, as follows:

  1. Loan application
    Customer can apply for a loan online via mobile application.
  2. Catalogue
    The application displays all finance service’s products and offer a product loan which available at the branch office.
  3. Loan simulation
    A simple tool to calculate loan.
  4. Nearest branch office
    A feature on mobile application which displays nearby branch offices from your area.
  5. Electronic wallet
    Customers will use virtual money named KP Tunai to redeem voucher code and to pay installment payment and withdrawal via branch office.
  6. My instalment payment
    This feature shows installment payment list and remind debtors to pay the loan which has reach the payment due date.
  7. Service rating
    This feature rates the transaction of loan application which conducted by the branch office.
  8. Voice of The Customer
    Customers can give their feedback for Kredit Plus branch office in this feature.
  9. Promotion
    This is the feature where Kredit Plus shows the promotion or special deals.
  10. Application share and referral code
    The users of KPM can share their invitation to use or download the application and referral codes to their family and friends.

The web based application Kredit Plus Mobile has some important roles to run the system as Admin; every admin has a certain task to operate the application. The Admins are:

  • Super Admin
  • System Admin
  • HO Admin
  • Branch Admin (Branch Manager and , Customer Service Admin.

Every Admin can add, change, delete the KPM system user and have access priviledges.

WGS developed the web application on Ruby version 2.0 and Rails version 4.1 as requested by the client. It runs on top of CentOS, Apache Web server, and database PostgreSQL. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery.

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: In the finance industry today, lenders are switching their focus on making an application easy to use because customers tend to look for more conveniences with safety on borrowing a loan. So, when you need an urgent fund for a late bill or emergency expense, you know what to seek. It’s the user-friendly application without difficult loan processing.
  • Business Solution: A mobile application changes the way of people thinking on borrowing fund from the bank or finance institution. It will be easier to process where you will be filling the new form online to process the loan.
  • Benefits: The company offers a new way of convenience for customers by building a user-friendly mobile application. Applicants do not have to go through a frustating conventional process at the bank anymore with this app.
  • Lesson Learned: The internet has made everything a little easier for business. Mobile services are changing the way people lend and borrow money. It’s getting easier and friendly, and online loan application is another way for customers to get their much needed cash fast in less time.

Whether you need assistance for the whole software implementation process or just one particular service, we are ready to contribute.

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