Astra: Leads Management System for Prospective Customers

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Automotive

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Our client PT. Astra International is an Indonesia-based company with seven major business segments. They have requested WGS to build a Lead Management System to manage and verify prospective customers that want to buy vehicle in a responsive web dashboard. The Lead Manager at Astra’s head office can check on the sales tasks easier with this web application. The application is the company’s strategy to help nurture leads that are not ready to buy. Specifically, it will help the company to work the prospective leads from marketing funnel to the sales pipeline. They can track, manage, and sort leads aimed to turn them into a sale. We’d like to share on some of the interesting features: 

  1. On Process
    This feature allows users to get real-time data and they can see the total leads ready to be processed in the ERP Astra application. With On Process feature, users are given a control information service and manage incoming leads through stages, as follows: Scheduled, Waiting, Prospecting, Success, Loss, Back to LMS and Back to Bucket.
  2. Email Blast
    Offers users to send broadcast emails to one or a number of prospective leads.
  3. Reporting
    The application allows users to filter and check their reports based on the Lead Time by using these limits, as follows: Date from – Date to, Category, Source, and Scores. The chart report in this page displays in Pie Chart and Bar Chart format. Eventually, users can export data or download it into PDF format.

WGS developed a web application on top of C# and ASP. NET WEB API. It runs on top of a Windows Server 2008 R2. On the front-end, the application uses Angular JS. Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Dashboard menu
  2. Inbox
  3. Pie chart media source using Highcharts
  4. Number of popular prospects
  5. Leads by Status
  6. Application use report
  7. Upload leads:
    • Save to inbox
    • Assign verification
    • Set as verified
    • Delete
  8. Web-push notification using SignalR
  9. Email Blast using Private SMTP Astra
  10. Mail Chimp for mail push notification

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  • Business Issue

    Lead management system is crucial for business since the company has to generate and maintain leads for their livelihood. Therefore, our client needs a mobile good application to help the sales team stay organized and prioritize prospective leads to nurture.

  • Business Solution

    Lead Management System will help the company to manage prospective leads through a measured verification process, so user can make a simple approach to the entire lead capturing and nurturing process.

  • Lesson Learned

    Since the Leads Management System is the backbone of a successful sales operation so all features in the application should be flexible and cover the sales cycle to create qualified opportunities and satisfied customers.

  • Benefits

    The most beneficial aspect from the LMS application is that the conversion rate from prospective leads to sale will be improving and the flow will go directly to the bottom line since the users can trace, analyze, distribute and manage data a lot easier.