Hanindo: Live-Entertainment Event Ticketing Management System

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    • Wholesale, Retail, Distributor

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Our client Hanindo Automation Solutions, is a company that has an extensive experience and distinguished reputation for providing Sales and After Sales Service of various petroleum equipment and product supply. They expand the business to the other sectors and services. Now, they want to build a new application system to provide event-goers with an enjoyable one-stop platform in search to Live Entertainment ranging from music, theatre, sports and other event genres. The system expected not only to facilitate the ticket sales but also able to handle on various forms of sale and payment from box office venues, agents or online sales. So the system should possess flexibility, simplicity and speed that allows the company to do different solutions for the business.

A ticket management system allows a business to create and manage support tickets, provides the tracking updates and details, and resolve the issues that coming from the field. The company needs to get a better organization whereas all communication is centralized on one system and makes it easier about multiple operators collaborating on the issues that might appear. The application will save time and resources. So it means that less time is wasted due to the ability to sort and assign tickets.

The interesting features of the application are:

  1. Search button
    Users can search any events they look for in this searching button. They can search the event by name, venue, date, event, or combination of that.
  2. Browse tabs
    Users are able to explore events based on recommendations such as “Now Showing”, “Coming Soon”, “Advanced Sales” and “Categories”.
  3. Promotion tab
    Users are going to find the events promotion easily by clicking on the promotion tab. Here they will find the show events with current and upcoming promotions, see the period of promotion, read the terms and condition, and find the link to buy ticket.
  4. Event info page
    Complete guide of information is displayed in this page. Users can find event image, date/time, venue, ticket price, event synopsis, promotions, venue information, admission rules and link to ticketing software in this page.
  5. Customer login and register page
    Customers need to register before they make any transactions in this website. In this page, all process of registration is displayed clearly and customers can follow the steps to do it. When they have their account, customers will be able to view their transactions, browse history, edit their account and manage the subscription.
  6. Promoter login and register page
    Here, the promoters can register to promote their events and the registration will be reviewed, verified and activated by admin. Promoter is everyone who wishes to promote their events on the website to attract more enthusiasm for public.

Another interesting feature of this web-based application is the integration between booking system, membership registration from other system and transaction information from other system. So, the system in this application is integrated with 3rd party system to provide an easier transaction management.

WGS developed a web application on top of Laravel version 5.2 and PHP 5.5 . X as requested by Client. It runs on top of a CentOS, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript. As for a mobile application, WGS develops the app on using Android and iOS as requested by Client.

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  • Business Issue

    Every organization need a good system to efficiently deal with the issues and requests raised by their customers and other users of their services . Therefore, the company needs an appropriate system to support the operations and handle business issues.

  • Business Solution

    A good ticket system is an ideal management solution that allows the company to provide efficient customer services in an organized way. With this application, customers will be well informed and satisfied while simultaneously saving work time.

  • Lesson Learned

    The application allows the organization to provide superior customer service in an efficient, organized way that leaves customers feeling informed and satisfied with the services.

  • Benefits

    There is less time wasted with a new application system so company can do more activities that increase revenue and the implementation of this system provides a tracking progress to ensure all issues is addressed to a timely and professional manner.