Mobile Banking App - Virtual Branch

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Banking & Finance

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Our client is one of the leader in the Indonesian banking industry. They need an innovative mobile application addition to support their business better within the country. To accelerate the banking services, our client came up with the idea of making a virtual branch in a mobile app, so customers have an easy access to do their banking needs whenever and wherever they want. All mobile form runs with an integrated system to make all transactions available in any branches.

The Mobile Form on eBranch makes it easier for customers to get many banking services such as

  • Account Registration
  • i-banking Activation
  • ATM Card Replacement
  • Security Token Replacement
  • Blocking Release
  • and Reference Letter Application.

Some of the application features:

  1. Individual section
  2. Business section
  3. Career
  4. eRate currency
  5. Location Selection
  6. Settings
  7. Profile
  8. Reference number can be saved into customer gallery
  9. Reminder notification
  10. Transaction proof
  11. Product info
  12. Customer transaction Services
  13. Reservation branch list

There is a special technical feature for this app, a biometric finger login. A technology for better security to unlock user’s device. This technology is used by the bank for safer customer’s transactions. User can login with verified username and password, and system (server) detects whether the device has a biometric finger print technology or not. The application gives users option “Login with Finger Print” to improve security. When user allows it, then on the next login user does not have to repeat the process. All they have to do is to paste their registered finger on the device.

This is our Agile Contract project, making full use of Scrum as software development management for the system. With this framework the team has a wide room to develop an application and suggest solutions for the business.

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  • Business Issue

    The client needs to present a system where customers can easily open new bank account & process many transaction activities anytime and anywhere they want with this application.

  • Business Solution

    Creating a more valid data and secure mobile application with better system for an easy way to open a new bank account.

  • Lesson Learned

    User will easily know new facility / banking activity feature by looking at the virtual bank. They can ask for more information & try the virtual banking experience.

  • Benefits

    The company offers a new and trusted facility for customers for having a new bank account by filling a form, which the customer data will be much more valid than before since it was filled directly by the customer themselves.