Reward Program Application for Convenience Store Chain

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    • Wholesale, Retail, Distributor

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Customers these days are getting the advantage of e-commerce very well. People can shop or making payment online easily by using a mobile application. You can choose to take groceries right at the store after making a transaction online, or, you can ask the store to deliver groceries to your front door. You don’t need to go anywhere to find out all product promotion and special program and offer from the store. Just tap on your phone screen and sign in to the application. Just as easy as that.

The client is one of the biggest convenience store chain in Indonesia who wants to develop a digital system that enables loyal customers to get a member card virtually, following the loyalty program and purchasing daily needs in one place by using a mobile application. The company asked WGS to develop an e-commerce application specifically to be used by their customers who registered as a member of the store. This application can be used to redeem points with products displayed in the application. The interesting feature here is the presence of a virtual member card for them who hasn’t registered as a member yet.

There are three roles involved in this application, as follows:

  1. Superadmin
    This user is an account who looks after the management of all network in the system and it can not be deleted.
  2. Admin
    This user can manage every user account, including editing and deactivate or activate user, remove and assign a role to created user.
  3. Customer
    This is a user who uses the system and is given limited access by the admin to open the application.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:


  1. Management setting
    Every management page in this application including the management of product, role and access management, category management, promo management, user management and more, has the same features such as search, sort and filtering, create, update, delete and view data.
  2. System support
    Admin will view and reply messages from customers including the criticism, advice, or questions.
  3. Audit trail
    Every action that has been done by admin will be recorded and the log of activities can also be seen by the super admin.


  1. Sign in or register
    A user who already has a member card number can directly sign in, however, a new user has to register first and complete the personal data by filling in the form or connecting to the social media account to get in. Getting in the application means that you succeed to get a virtual member card and has claimed the status member complete with membership date expiration displays on the page.
  2. Welcome note
    The system offers a virtual tour that enables a user to search or browse what they need.
  3. Homepage
    Here, a user can tap on the points button at the upper side of the page to see the sum of points, member status, transaction history, interesting promotion, vouchers to redeem, barcode for a transaction, and the benefit as a member.
  4. Product display
    A user can view a variety of necessity categories in this page, including the recommended products to purchase, kitchen products, food and beverage, mom and kids, health and cosmetics, household, and hobby, toys and automotive.
  5. Promotion
    This page displays promotion catalog and filtered based on location. So every store in different location offers different product promotion.
  6. Profile
    In this page, a user can manage personal data including the order list, store list, and address list for the delivery address.


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  • Business Issue

    A company needs to use a good strategy to keep on maintaining loyal customers to repurchase or continue to use the same brand.

  • Business Solution

    This loyalty program application is one of the favorable brand attitudes and an important factor in marketing to build a bonding between the brand and the customer.

  • Lesson Learned

    The membership card is one of the marketing acts that offer customer reward programs which add value to the product itself.

  • Benefits

    The customers gain a friendly reminder about the value of the brand and encouraged to make another purchase in the future.