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Super App as One Stop Solution for Traveling

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Telecommunication Services
Company: Private in Indonesia

Our client is one of the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia which is transforming itself to be the leader of the digital company in the region. The company wants to implement a digital strategy by developing an end-to-end journey for the customers and increase the quality of user experience by collaborating with many travel service providers and providing exclusive discounts and rich variation of contents in one platform.

The travel hub is needed to enrich the digital tourism services to accommodate wider users' need. As we all know that people in every corner of the world now prefer to use their smartphones in daily life. Traveler (backpacker, business traveler, holiday seeker, explorer) or people who are just looking to make their life a bit easier will search for an application that surely can help them to find the best travel itinerary.

WGS helped the client and developed a specialized super app. It is a travel hub application developed using agile method and Go programming language. As a travel hub, this application is correlated with:

  • tourism service provider
  • travel agents
  • tourism exchange
  • tourism reviews
  • and travel content provider.

There are six important roles that make the application runs well, they are:

  1. Anonymous user
    This user has not registered themselves in the app.
  2. Registered user
    This user has registered in the application.
  3. Timer
    This user has a system to triggers events at a certain time and requirements.
  4. Admin
    Admin has full access at the backend and manages all settings inside the application.
  5. Helpdesk
    When a registered user finds any troubles in the traveling hub then the helpdesk will give them a hand with an appropriate solution.
  6. Service provider partners
    This user is for partners and capable to support the inventory management (inventory of hotel room, airplane seat, personalized travel plan, etc.).

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:


  1. Dream
    Users can enjoy travel contents and view curated itinerary (personalized travel plan) in this page.
  2. Plan
    Users can plan their trip and create itinerary here, and also can see reviews from other travelers and checking the ticket price here.
  3. Book
    Before buying tickets, users can search the best price for the ticket here. Users will also find interesting discounts and offers on this page.
  4. Travel
    There is an Active Suggestion feature here which will help users to find the tourist spots near to where they are at that time. It is a kind of push notification which available in the mobile version.
  5. Support and socialized
    Users can contact customer services in live chat, share itinerary with others, and post their photos in this page.


  1. Airlines
  2. Hotel and rooms
  3. Travel Equipment Retails
  4. Event and attractions
  5. Tour and packages
  6. Food and resto
  7. Point of interests


Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - mongoDB
  • Server
  • - NGINX
  • Framework
  • - Angular JS
  • 3rd Party Engine
  • - Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • Container Platform
  • - OpenShift
  • Big Data Engine
  • - Apache Spark
  • Markup Language
  • - XML
    - JSON
  • Programming Language
  • - iOS
    - Android
    - Objective-C
    - Golang (Go Language)

  • Business Issue: People who wants to travel to new places need to enhance their experiences ahead of their journey. Surely, in digital world today they get help from an application, yet there are so many applications scrambling for space on people’s smartphone.
  • Business Solution: The travel hub is a good innovation to put many functions in one application. The Platform App delivers more meaningful experiences for all travelers around the world.
  • Benefits: People will get instant access to a new smart travel hub where they will get complete information and variety of interesting contents about travel just by tapping the finger on their smartphone screen.
  • Lesson Learned: Users will get new exciting experiences from the application that is created exclusively to follow the growing and thriving culture.

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